New Website for NAO Global marks the latest Cloudfy launch in the US

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NAO Global, a leading US-based supplier of medical, surgical, diagnostic and analytical lab products were in need of a new, modern B2B ecommerce website that would also be secure enough to support their work with federal, state and municipal governments.

After discovering our B2B ecommerce solution, they approached us with the challenge of building them a new website on the Cloudfy B2B ecommerce platform in just a month.

To achieve this quick turnaround time, our technical team worked closely with NAO Global to develop their new B2B ecommerce website, which was achieved within only 4 weeks.

The perfect B2B ecommerce solution for a pharmaceutical company

The new website makes the most of Cloudfy’s features which were created with the requirements of medical and pharmaceutical businesses in mind. This includes:

  • Delivering a complex pricing structure, including customer specific pricing
  • Advanced user management which allows enabling different spending limits and other aspects for specific users
  • Bulk quick order interface
  • Supplier data feeds

The website also takes advantage of Cloudfy’s stylish design templates which give it a modern look and feel, as well as enabling users to easily browse different sections, and seamlessly place their orders online.

Dr Priscilla M Ayerite PharmD., BCNSP – President comments about the whole process – “It was a great day that I discovered Cloudfy online last year. I couldn’t be happier with where things are. We are growing and with Cloudfy as our platform of choice, the sky is the limit! Thank you for a superior product and superior service and professionalism.”

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with NAO Global, as more features are being planned for their new website, such as multi user access control and a document store.

To discover the full capabilities of the new NAO Global website, visit

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