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Cloudfy or SuiteCommerce?

Suitecommerce Vs Cloudfy

You have invested time and effort to create a firm foundation for your business systems and processes. The prospect of realigning everything to work with a new ecommerce solution can be daunting. A single-provider option might seem attractive, but there are other considerations. 

Let’s look at the choice between Cloudfy and SuiteCommerce for your new ecommerce platform. 

Ecommerce challenges in 2021 

Some sectors have been more resilient than others during the coronavirus pandemic. Medical and hygiene supplies, perhaps unsurprisingly, have seen increased demand, while fashion, luxury and travel goods have faced challenging times. Looking forward, these trends are expected to continue. 

While purchasing habits have changed, there are still plenty of opportunities for businesses that respond with improved personalization and self-service options. With plenty to think about in the coming months, updating your ecommerce platform will be one of the most important decisions you make. 

Basing your online interactions with customers on accurate information is an important part of your strategy. Workflow automation based on buyer preferences will streamline customer order information, promotions and recommendations. 

Convenient delivery options are becoming an important point of differentiation as buyers look for viable options during the coronavirus restrictions. These could include multiple delivery addresses, buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS) or curbside pickup. Your ecommerce platform can provide efficiency benefits through powerful and flexible integration options for your fulfillment and third-party logistics provider. 

In 2020 Forbes reported that direct to consumer (D2C) brands saw significant growth in demand. B2B companies should be aware that new, disruptive models are emerging, making flexibility a priority. 

Consumers and business buyers are using multiple devices and expect to be able to access product information and details of their purchasing history anywhere, at any time. Sellers must be ready to deliver consistent customer service across multiple channels and to offer flexible payment options

A single source of truth 

To be ready to meet these challenges your business needs a single source of truth that is kept up to date with near real-time processes. For many organizations their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the hub for this information. It combines inventory data from your warehouse with customer data, orders, invoices and onward fulfillment.  

NetSuite is a popular ERP solution with scalable cloud-based services, placing it within the reach of small businesses. With SuiteCommerce as your ecommerce platform you have a choice of SuiteBuilder, SuiteCommerce Standard and SuiteCommerce Advanced. Each integrates with your NetSuite ERP, making it an appealing single provider option for some businesses, but there are other things to think about. 

An alternative worth considering is full integration of NetSuite with Cloudfy’s software as a service (SaaS) platform

Let’s make a comparison of four key benefits of Cloudfy: seamless integration, customization, flexibility, and the ability to create powerful business solutions. 

Seamless integration  

  • SuiteCommerce NetSuite integration allows orders to flow between your ecommerce system and behind-the-scenes order management, operations, and fulfilllment processes. 
  • Cloudfy The Cloudfy NetSuite Connector allows customer information, orders, pricing, products, stock and order status to be synchronized in real time. Customers can view products, place orders and check order history online. 


  • SuiteCommerce NetSuite grants source code control for the SuiteCommerce storefront, so developers can work on your ecommerce experience. 
  • Cloudfy Cloudfy has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of B2B ecommerce, so the latest features are available right out of the box, with a powerful application programming interface (API) for custom requirements. 


  • SuiteCommerce You can have multiple storefronts if you have several brands. They can all run from the same fulfillment and order management processes. 
  • Cloudfy The Cloudfy Page Designer module provides drag-and-drop options without the need to code. Brand landing pages can be built easily, and home and content pages can be updated quickly. 

Powerful business solutions 

  • SuiteCommerce NetSuite includes some business functions, and modules can be added to provide integrated business solutions. 
  • Cloudfy Cloudfy includes built-in integrations with multiple providers, giving you the flexibility to choose NetSuite and other best-of-breed solutions to meet your needs. 

The best fit for your business 

If you’re already using NetSuite then SuiteCommerce could be a good choice to give you an end-to-end solution. 

However, NetSuite’s ecommerce options are always used with NetSuite ERP software. They aren’t available as standalone solutions like Magento or BigCommerce.  

With NetSuite’s subscription-fee pricing model, SuiteCommerce Standard starts at $2,500 per month, including access to your other NetSuite modules and site hosting. Your costs will also depend on your user numbers, additional modules deployment and the length of your contract. This could amount to a significant investment. 

If you’re planning a complete overhaul of your business systems to meet the challenges of 2021 you might not want to make the commitment to an end-to-end NetSuite solution. 

Because many of Cloudfy’s ecommerce features and business integrations are available out of the box, along with powerful customization tools, it can be implemented quickly and offer a very cost-effective option tailored to your business needs. Available for a monthly subscription, your costs can be managed to fit your business plans with an attractive total cost of ownership

Speak with one of our experts about the best integrated ecommerce solution for your business in 2021. 


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