Finding The Right Fashion B2B Ecommerce Platform For Your Business


Fashion manufacturers and wholesalers need to respond to a world where consumer habits change quickly, affecting the whole fashion supply chain.

Where margins are tight and expectations are high, a powerful, flexible and scalable ecommerce solution can make all the difference to your business success. Not only can you access markets around the world, you can also minimise costly manual processes and reduce input errors to improve your margins.

Here are some key things we recommend you consider when looking for the ideal B2B ecommerce platform for your B2B fashion ecommerce business.


When you’re at the leading edge of fashion, your ecommerce store must show what is unique about you and link closely with your product strategy. Remember, it’s your online store that people will get to know your brand through. It’s here where being user friendly, having a strong ordering process and a great online experience can really turn things your way.

A powerful Cloud-based platform that is regularly updated with the latest B2B ecommerce innovations will allow you to maintain the delicate balance between your brand value and competitiveness, while delivering outstanding service for your wholesale B2B customers

Be mindful also of the kind of customers you’re working with. Are you targeting small businesses or larger buyers? If you’re interested in working with start-up fashion brands that initially bypassed wholesale channels, you’ll also want to show how they can benefit from your efficiency and effectiveness to improve their margins as they grow.


Time to market is always important, especially in the fashion world. You will need a site that can be launched quickly and cost-effectively, in weeks rather than months or even years.

Often, making things appear simple is a complex process, so look for enterprise level features that have been designed for B2B ecommerce for a sensible investment.

Quality content

Customisable templates as standard will ensure you can deliver a high-quality, user-friendly experience for your buyers.

Options like a brand carousel on your homepage can make it easy to browse all of your available collections. As well as learning more about each product you can also help your buyers with online resources to support their marketing.

Easy editing and loading of images, videos and the latest immersive experiences will mean you can update your collections quickly but make sure they still look amazing.

You also need to make sure that wherever your buyers are viewing – be this through social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or somewhere else – they receive a consistently high-quality experience.

Stock control and distribution

Stock control is critical to avoid the costs of over-stocking or the damage caused to customer relationships when you are unable to deliver.

When searching through ecommerce platforms, we advise seeking something that offers integration with major business systems. Then you can show your B2B buyers real-time information about availability and delivery times for all of the styles, colors and sizes.

Once registered for a trade account, they can log in to access stock levels, catalogues, product data and place their orders according to their agreed terms and conditions.

Easy reporting on things like bestsellers, stock availability versus commitments or your top ten customers will also keep you well informed and improve your decision-making.

International sales

Fashion is increasingly a global enterprise, so you need to be ready to handle ordering from any device, anywhere and at any time.

Your ecommerce site and platform should be able to accommodate multiple languages, currencies and shipping requirements and intelligently pre-populate your site. It should also be flexible enough to allow your customers to change sites according to their needs.

A Cloud-based solution configured to support complex sales workflows and manage multiple channels and fulfilllment systems can provide the perfect platform for a B2B fashion business. This can lead to more shopping carts being full of items from your inventory and your sales numbers going in the right direction.

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