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Press Release: Cloudfy launches new digital sales rep ordering app

screenshot of product pages on tablet showing wholesale sunglasses

Cloudfy, leaders in b2b ecommerce software, have launched a sales rep ordering app to empower field sales teams with on-the-go ordering features for customer visits and conventions.

This new native mobile app for wholesalers and distributors makes it easier than ever for sales teams to close in-person deals by providing up-to-date information on products, inventory levels and customer account details. Generate quotes, capture orders and sign-up new customers right on the spot without any paperwork.

With the help of the new app, sales reps can present prospects with a high-def brochure of their latest and greatest products and get real-time insight into what’s available for immediate purchase.

Companies can eliminate the need for printed catalogs and paper orders forms from their logistical checklist. Plus, sales reps can access their customer records right on the spot.

Additionally, salespeople can make the most of their customers interactions by accessing critical client details from the road – data points include customer records, customer notes, order history, recently viewed products and more.

Rob Williams, CEO of Cloudfy says “We’re extremely excited to provide this new tool to empower a sales team with all the key data they need to make the most of their in-person customer interactions. Thanks to Cloudfy’s ability to integrate our B2B ecommerce tools with popular ERP systems, we can surface all the pertinent details a salesperson needs in the field, like customer profiles, order history, custom catalogs and a lot more.”

Additionally, the new sales rep app helps companies to streamline ordering, reduce errors, expedite on-boarding, shorten fulfillment time, improve communication, reduce data entry, and ultimately close more deals in less time.”

To view more details about Cloudfy’s new sales rep ordering app. If you’d like to request a complimentary demo, contact us.



Heineken needed to quickly deploy a B2B ecommerce solution to allow their wholesale customers to order online 24/7. From their P.V. Union Brewery in Slovenia, the new client ordering portal would serve nearby bars, restaurants, and distributors with their daily, weekly and monthly orders… Full Case Study

"Great work by the Cloudfy team launching our B2B portal in record time."

Tilen K., Ecommerce Manager, Heineken