SAP Business One Integration Solution For B2B Ecommerce

SAP Business One Integration Solution For B2B Ecommerce

SAP Business One is a leading business tool for small to mid-sized B2B companies. It allows key functions like finance, human resources, inventory, sales, customer relationship management (CRM) and project management to be automated.

Now it has been fully integrated with Cloudfy with the help of a direct connector to provide a powerful B2B ecommerce solution in the Cloud. Orders can be sent from your Cloudfy website to SAP and the integration also allows the retrieval of customer’s items, pricing and order history from SAP to Cloudfy, making it easier to manage your online business via a single platform.

Our team of ecommerce integration experts has already been implementing this solution for clients such as International Applications, a global supply chain specialist of coatings and consumables and Premier Decorations, a B2B importer and distributor of seasonal decorations. Through the integration between their Cloudfy websites and SAP Business One, they are can take advantage of the ability to retrieve orders into SAP and pass product, pricing and customer info to Cloudfy seamlessly.

More benefits of opting for SAP Business One include:

Ease of use

It’s easy to customize functions around SAP Business One’s robust accounting core to meet your operational needs. With straightforward navigation even complex requirements can be configured for ease of use. You can enter or view transactions or generate reports. Users can have tailored views using on-screen widgets and a custom function allows them to set up their own frequently used shortcuts.


You can allocate currencies to specific geographic areas and convert them at the end of the day. You can also produce simulated currency conversion reports throughout the day, so you will always be up to date.


SAP Business One can be accessed at any time and anywhere on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

Customer relationships

The SAP Business One CRM component is called ‘Sales Opportunities’. You can set up customers and leads in the sales order section, import them or enter them manually. You can allocate specific parts of your business to different clients, add key stages in the sales process and expected closing dates. You can even give each stage an estimated success rate, to improve your forecasting. Service contracts and service calls can all be included in the sales process.

Inventory management

SAP Business One is an excellent tool for managing inventory in manufacturing and warehousing environments. The inventory module has extensive analysis and predictive functions. The materials resource planning (MRP) module supports analysis and forecasting and can be used with an intelligent forecast function.

Project management

SAP Business One includes project tracking and predictive analytics. There are multiple ways access transactions or reports and you can drill-down through multiple layers of information. Studio Manager allows you to create complex queries and generate forms screens and widgets. You can have almost any type of report you want or need and you can export your reports a spreadsheet for easy information sharing.


Designed for B2B ecommerce, Cloudfy can auto-scale and give you the performance you need, even during your busiest periods. Because it runs on multiple servers it also provides exceptional levels of availability and security. New features are regularly added and are available to all customers as part of the service.

SAP Business One and Cloudfy together can help you deliver significantly improved customer experiences and take your business efficiency to a new level.  All of this is available for an easy-to-manage monthly subscription.

Get in touch to book a free demonstration of this powerful integrated B2B ecommerce solution.

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