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Streamlining your B2B ecommerce business with NetSuite and Cloudfy

Streamlining Your B2B Ecommerce Business With NetSuite And Cloudfy

NetSuite and Cloudfy provide leading cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and ecommerce solutions. That’s why many business to business (B2B) ecommerce companies are choosing them to streamline their operations.

Cloudfy has a specially developed connector for full integration with NetSuite so that you can realize all the benefits of these two powerful solutions. Together they provide a seamless sales order portal for your customers, allowing you to synchronize customer information, orders, pricing, products, stock, and order status in real time. Your customers can easily view products, place orders and check their order history online.

B2B ecommerce with NetSuite and Cloudfy

Cloudfy was designed from the beginning to meet the needs of B2B ecommerce companies so it can easily handle the frequency of repeat orders and deliver a fast and efficient online buying experience.

Integrated with NetSuite, your customers have a secure, self-service solution to manage their business relationship with you and to access their latest information about products, prices, and balances.

You will benefit from a single, reliable source of key business information and metrics to maintain the quality and consistency of customer service. You can reduce administrative overheads and improve the accuracy and efficiency of all your operations from customer data to product management.

Always up to date

With NetSuite’s release plan you can look forward to regular enhancements to support all your key business functions including employee management, supply chain management, financial and operational control. New features are regularly released for Cloudfy, based on customers’ needs and requests, so you can be confident that you will remain at the leading edge of ecommerce technology, quality and service.

As cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions, these enhancements will be available to you immediately in the cloud.

Stable and scalable

Your solution can auto-scale and give you the performance your business needs, even at the busiest times, so you can be confident you will always have excellent levels of availability and security.

Personalized purchasing

Whether your customers are using your self-service online portal, speaking with your sales team on the phone or in person, they will expect the same high standards of service, pricing, and discounts.

You can use the power of NetSuite and Cloudfy to give each buyer their own online view of tailored pricing, terms and credit limits. Different customers can be shown different pricing levels for the same item and you can offer channel or volume discounts. For easy repeat orders, they can create custom lists of frequently purchased items by description, stock keeping unit (SKU) or part number. Your customers can even submit requests for quotes that can be converted easily into online orders once agreed.

Efficient invoicing

Your customers can review and manage their payments and invoices online, anytime and anywhere. They can see summaries of outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit notes and associated terms and conditions. You can allow them to make full or part payments against single or multiple invoices, according to their purchasing agreement.

Enhanced customer service

Your customer service team can support buyers throughout their purchasing journey. They can see detailed case management information and respond to queries, enable and authorize online returns, or track shipping, billing and field service calls.

Seven out of 10 customers want a consistent experience across channels, so it’s important to make sure they can easily start their journey online, speak to your customer service team or sales  representative and then complete their purchase on your website, if they want to.

Purchasing using mobile devices

According to Google, mobile devices drive or influence over 40% of revenue for leading B2B organizations. The Boston Consulting Group predicts that 70% of B2B searches will be made using smart phones this year. Where mobile channels work well, buyers will choose to use them, so they need to be easy, convenient and fast. Ensuring that you have the right infrastructure in place to meet their consumer-driven expectations will give you a competitive advantage.

Improve efficiency through automation

Automating processes like order allocation, warehouse routing, shipping, and inventory updates can streamline your order management and product distribution processes and improve the B2B buying experience.

As your B2B sales increase, integrating your order management system (OMS) with NetSuite and Cloudfy will allow you to respond quickly and efficiently. You will benefit from centralized data about your orders and inventory, seamlessly combined with your financial system and customer information.

Comprehensive catalogs

Your B2B buyers will want to be confident that they have all the relevant details about your products before making their purchasing decision. Your online catalog will help buyers find your site and search for the items they need.

Product information management (PIM) centralizes your catalog content for all your business applications, allowing you to customize product data, and to share the information across all your sales channels. Combine Cloudfy’s product management functionality with the power of NetSuite, and you will have a fully scalable solution as your business grows.

Relevant site search

When B2B buyers visit your site, they will want to find the right products quickly. You can help them with Cloudfy’s predictive search functionality, which allows them to look for product titles, SKUs, descriptions, or article numbers.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, relevant products and categories can be suggested in real time, based on the key words in their search. Auto-complete can offer relevant phrases to reduce the amount of time needed to key-in search terms, which is especially helpful if buyers don’t know the precise spelling of the item they are looking for.

NetSuite and Cloudfy provide a powerful ecommerce solution that allows you to run a fully integrated business, both online and offline.

Find out how an integrated NetSuite and Cloudfy ecommerce solution could streamline your B2B ecommerce business. Talk to one of your experts.


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