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What is Cloud Ecommerce?

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Cloud Commerce

Cloud Ecommerce is growing in demand, many companies believe software delivered in the cloud is the future. We have written a quick article to explore this and help you better understand the term cloud ecommerce. The term cloud seems to be used with anything and everything to do with the Internet these days. Such has the term taken over the internet that a search for ‘cloud’ on Google brings up information about WiFi Cloud rather than a real cloud in the sky!

In simple terms cloud in the online / digital sense refers to underlying scalable infrastructure which means your website or ecommerce site doesn’t reside on a single server rather multiple and in multiple locations. So should any part of the infrastructure fail, your site continues to run on the remaining infrastructure.

Cloud ecommerce offers you the perfect combination of resilience, scalability, functionality and performance. It’s critical when selling online to new and existing customers that your B2B ecommerce site is fast, responsive and always available. A weekend or a day or downtime can cost a lot of money in terms of lost revenue. True cloud Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solutions offer what is known as multi tenanted cloud, this means that rather than your software, in this case an ecommerce site run as an individual installation on a cloud server, it is running as part of a software solution which is the same for all users of the service. The advantage of true SaaS cloud solutions such as Cloudfy is that your ecommerce site will receive regular updates throughout the year adding new features and functionality without you having to apply updates yourself. This continual enhancement model means that you can always keep your business moving forward and offer your customers more ways to buy from you, receive promotions, increase engagement and conversion over time.

To find out more about the first true Cloudfy Ecommerce solution why not get in touch with the experts at Cloudfy.



Heineken needed to quickly deploy a B2B ecommerce solution to allow their wholesale customers to order online 24/7. From their P.V. Union Brewery in Slovenia, the new client ordering portal would serve nearby bars, restaurants, and distributors with their daily, weekly and monthly orders… Full Case Study

"Great work by the Cloudfy team launching our B2B portal in record time."

Tilen K., Ecommerce Manager, Heineken