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The importance of looking after existing B2B customers

As a B2B business, or any business for that matter, a key part of your strategy likely centres around attracting and acquiring new customers. But there’s a risk that businesses can become somewhat one-track minded and devote so much time … Read More

B2B Ecommerce 2019

Top 5 predictions for B2B ecommerce in 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, thoughts for businesses across all industries inevitably turn to the next 12 months. There will be goals being set and targets identified. From a B2B ecommerce perspective, it’s all about ensuring that business thrives … Read More

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5 things not to neglect in 2019 as a B2B business

B2B business is a competitive area and making small adjustments to your business processes can have a big impact. In the main, B2B businesses today are making positive steps when it comes to meeting the needs of their customers. More … Read More


What B2B purchasers want to know about your business

Getting the design, content and functionality of a B2B website right can be the difference between meeting your goals and falling short. There can be a temptation to get as much information and as many products as possible in front … Read More


Introducing Version 3 of the Cloudfy Platform

As a leading B2B ecommerce platform used to power manufacturing, distribution and service businesses around the world, we’re proud of what Cloudfy brings to the table. And while we like what we’ve achieved with Cloudfy since it was first launched … Read More

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How to prepare your B2B website for Christmas

Christmas is when retailers want to get things right. Their success over Christmas can shape their entire year’s statistics and be somewhat make or break. For many B2C retailers, their reliance on having the right products on their shelves and … Read More

Considerations when picking a Wholesale Ecommerce Platform

Considerations when picking a Wholesale Ecommerce Platform

B2B ecommerce has seen huge growth in recent years, as more and more wholesalers make the move online. Forrester has predicted that B2B ecommerce sales will top the US$1 trillion mark by 2020. This indicates not only the general shift … Read More

Quick Ways to attract new Business in the B2B Space

Quick Ways to attract new Business in the B2B Space

By moving B2B business online, wholesalers are now able to offer an enhanced offering and deliver a convenient, engaging means of doing business. But as more businesses in the B2B space advance their online stature, finding ways to differentiate and … Read More

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Why B2B organisations should prepare for Ecommerce 4.0

According to the UK’s Office of National Statistics, online sales comprised 19.9% of all retail transactions in the UK in November 2017. Compare this to December 2006, when that percentage was only 2.5%, and it’s easy to see the extent … Read More


What to expect from B2B commerce in 2019

Make no mistake – the global B2B commerce market is massive. As clarified in Statista’s 2017 B2B commerce report, ‘the global e-Commerce market is worth US$7.7 trillion and B2B business is now dwarfing that of the B2C business.’ So, as … Read More


Cloudfy – The B2B Ecommerce Solution for SAP Integration

There are a host of reasons why online channels are a gamechanger in the B2B space. If you’re a B2B company, having a successful B2B digital strategy is likely becoming a priority. In addition to ecommerce websites, everything from mobile … Read More

New Modern Website For NAO Global

New Website for NAO Global marks the latest Cloudfy launch in the US

NAO Global, a leading US-based supplier of medical, surgical, diagnostic and analytical lab products were in need of a new, modern B2B ecommerce website that would also be secure enough to support their work with federal, state and municipal governments. … Read More