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Green Energy Supplier Improves Efficiency with a new B2B Ecommerce Website & Sage 200 Integration

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CCL Components is a green energy parts supplier in the United Kingdom that works with marine, automotive, industrial, and telecommunications market sectors to provide green energy solutions. They supply solar modules, EV chargers, inverter chargers, and many other parts and accessories for those businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Challenge

CCL needed two different websites for currency and translation purposes to accommodate their global customer base.

In addition, they needed to improve their ordering process. Their previous website was informational only, meaning customers had to call or fax in their orders. Their salespeople entered each order into the system for processing, which was inefficient and time consuming. They needed a website that allowed their customers to actually complete transactions.

The Solution

To solve the currency issue, Cloudfy built a UK site that accepts pounds and a site for Poland and the Netherlands that takes euros. Each site has a separate pathway, separate database, and separate domain name, but the aesthetics are the same. Both sites have a language feature that feeds into Google translate so customers can choose the appropriate language.


Cloudfy presented CCL Components with a variety of both out-of-the-box and custom features to streamline their ordering and accounting systems.

An inventory indicator features gives their customers the ability to see the level of stock available for the items they want to purchase. And CCL has can even set stock level rules for each product. For example, an item that have quantities available between just 1 to 100 would be flagged with a “low stock” indicator.

Using Cloudfy’s pre-order system, customers can see how many of the items they need are expected and when they’re scheduled to arrive. Customers can even submit advanced purchase orders for these same items.

All P.O.s placed through the site are send directly to CCL’s Sage 200 ERP, then fulfilled from their warehouses.

Because they now have their ecommerce site integrated with Sage 200, CCL can give their customers the ability to login to their dashboards and download their invoices and pay them through the website, thus removing the burden from CCL’s accounting department to do all that followup work.

With the quote workflows feature activated, CCL’s customers can add items for high-volume orders to their cart and request a quote.

Cloudfy has implemented a price match feature on CCL’s website which presents a “Seen a better price” callout to shoppers. This feature takes the customer to a form where they can put in the details about where they have seen the product offered at a lower price and ask if CCL is willing to match it.

CCL makes good use of the do-it-yourself page designer in Cloudfy. Using this feature, they created a variety of how-to guides, since their products require some technical installation steps.

They also made their user manuals available for download. Their user manuals are technical documents that describe how to install various parts or pieces of equipment. With the how-to guides and user manuals, the customers have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Do you need similar ordering and accounting features for your B2B ecommerce website? If so, contact us now to request your free demo.
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