Cloudfy's B2B Ecommerce Aged Debt Management feature in action

Cloudfy feature spotlight # 6: B2B Ecommerce Aged Debt Management

When you’re working with manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, you will want to offer flexible credit terms for your trusted customers. When debt is managed well, you can increase the speed and volume of cash coming into your business. In the … Read More

mobile screens showing the Cloudfy B2B AppCommerce in action

Cloudfy feature spotlight #5: Cloudfy B2B AppCommerce

In this feature spotlight we are looking at the benefits of the Cloudfy Customer Ordering app to engage with your buyers on the go. We regularly use apps to make personal purchases, play games, find information and to socialise. They … Read More

Cloudfy checkout options

Cloudfy feature spotlight #4: Delivery Configuration

Depending on their specific requirements your buyer’s delivery charges need to be carefully calculated. You will want them to be happy with the service they receive and the price, but you also need to be sure you have included all … Read More

bespoke menus feature for b2b ecommerce

Cloudfy feature spotlight #3 – Bespoke menus

More and more business purchases are being made online and your buyers have high expectations of their purchasing experience. One of the most important and challenging B2B ecommerce requirements is personalisation based on agreed terms and previous buying histories. Bespoke … Read More

Cloudfy Feature Spotlight #2: Quote workflow

Cloudfy Feature Spotlight #2: Quote workflow

Here’s an overview of the benefits offered by the quote workflow functionality in Cloudfy Version 3, continuing our spotlight series about the features available to improve your customers’ B2B ecommerce experience. Respond to your customer’s needs with quote workflow Not … Read More

Order received to be athorised Cloudfy email

Cloudfy Feature Spotlight #1: Multi Level Account Authorisation

Giving your B2B customers a full self-service process is as important as allowing them to place their order online. Cloudfy’s full self-service management system allows you to provide everything online, from checking product stock levels and downloading product information to … Read More