A buisinesswoman thrilled with her choice of B2B ecommerce solution

Cloudfy or SuiteCommerce?

How to choose between Cloudfy and SuiteCommerce? This blog lays out key differences that will impact your bottom line. … Read More

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Enhance your B2B Ecommerce Website with Cloudfy’s Latest Features

At Cloudfy, our product team are working hard to add rich new functionality to our B2B ecommerce platform, with Cloudfy clients receiving access to these new features automatically if they are on the latest version of the platform.  In this blog we’ve summarised some … Read More

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The future of Integrated B2B Ecommerce: Why can’t my ERP talk to yours?

We have heard a lot about Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and integrated business to business (B2B) ecommerce. There’s no doubt that we have become much better at turning large amounts of business data into useful insights. So, … Read More

Cloudfy PIM Functionality

As your business grows, effective product information management (PIM) functionality for your rapidly expanding range will become a priority.  It’s surprising how quickly combinations of item numbers, references, stock keeping units (SKUs), product images, videos, marketing materials, technical documentation, and … Read More

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Interfaced vs Integrated B2B Ecommerce

Business systems must work together to deliver an end-to-end business to business (B2B) ecommerce solution. Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors have their own preferred systems to support everything from production to fulfilment and this can create challenges when your goal is … Read More

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How Cloudfy Can Help You Close More B2B Sales Than Ever Before

Business to business (B2B) sales will continue to be a major area of growth in 2020. However, while research shows that 30% of buyers want to purchase at least 90% of products online, only 19% are doing this at the … Read More

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Looking for a B2B ecommerce platform in 2020? Top 10 reasons to consider Cloudfy

The business to business (B2B) ecommerce market is growing quickly and there are great opportunities out there for merchants who are ready to take advantage of the latest technology to deliver outstanding customer service. Here are the top 10 Cloudfy … Read More

Samurai Sports home page, a website built on Cloudfy

Cloudfy spotlight feature #12 – Personalisation for Customer Homepages

Personalising a home page for each of your B2B buyers is more effective than a generic experience. Eight out of 10 B2B businesses say that personalised content is an effective way to achieve their objectives. B2B buyers increasingly expect relevant, … Read More

Cloudfy's page designer feature in action

Cloudfy feature spotlight #11 – Page Designer

One of Cloudfy’s key features is flexible, responsive page design. Your brand is so much more than your logo; it applies to every aspect of your business and presenting it effectively online is increasingly important. B2B buyers prefer to make their online … Read More

example of Cloudfy's custom product options feature in action

Cloudfy feature spotlight #10 – Custom Product Options

Providing customer choice delivers added value. You can increase sales and revenue dramatically by allowing your customers to create exactly the products they want. Whether customers are ordering extra options for a computer or specifying mattresses to suit different body shapes, … Read More

a person using a laptop potentially for the configure price quote cpq functionality

Cloudfy feature spotlight #9 – CPQ Configure Price Quote

If you manufacture or distribute customised products, your business can benefit from configure, price, quote (CPQ) technology. Providing prices quickly and confidently for complex products to meet rapidly-changing buyer requirements is becoming an essential tool in the B2B ecommerce market. Enabling … Read More

Cloudfy's B2B Ecommerce Product Management example

Cloudfy feature spotlight #8 – B2B Ecommerce Product Management

Unlimited products can be included in your Cloudfy B2B ecommerce website, thanks to its exceptional scalability. The content management system (CMS) makes product management really straightforward for your whole team. Rich product data For most B2B businesses, a list of … Read More