By creating a wholesale app for your business, Cloudfy B2B AppCommerce enables:

  • Customer ordering from any location, any time
  • Purchasing through familiar, convenient mediums
  • The opportunity for additional promotional campaigns

Helping Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers grow faster online

How Cloudfy B2B AppCommerce can work for your business

The modern B2B buyer isn’t necessarily sat in front of a desktop computer, browsing through website after website of potential suppliers. They’re on the go, working in new and exciting ways.
The expectations of today’s buyers, particularly those in the millennial age bracket, have been reshaped by modern retail experiences.

The combination of mobile devices becoming an integral part of our workplace, and this shift in buyer expectations means that delivering apps to complete purchases as a B2B company is placing yourself into the most accessible and desirable digital space for your customers.

Forward-thinking businesses can give themselves the opportunities for increased orders with Cloudfy B2B AppCommerce.

Promotional campaigns can also be easily run through Cloudfy B2B AppCommerce. A well-placed advertisement or push notification via your wholesale app can grab attention and allow buyers to access content and respond quickly.

Join the App Revolution

Mobile apps are specifically designed to make it easier for users to do what they want to. They load quickly because there’s no need to open a browser. There’s no messing around with URLs or page load waits.

It’s efficient browsing and buying, and it’s the way to get more of your customers engaged with your brand.

Think of it this way: every download of your app is now a valuable marketing resource that can boost your sales over the long term.

What’s more, building mobile apps is now easier and more affordable than ever. Cloudfy B2B AppCommerce is the way to engage with today’s buyers time and time again, in a way they are familiar with and enjoy.

Cloudfy B2B AppCommerce forms part of the Cloudfy Enterprise Package. This enables you to have the best wholesale app on the market and reimagine how you engage with your customer base.

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