Cloudfy + Brightpearl B2B Ecommerce

Grow faster online with an end to end operations and ecommerce platform.

Cloudfy has teamed up with Brightpearl, the leading operations platform for brands, retailers and wholesalers to bring you a fully connected commerce solution. Cloudfy, the leading B2B Ecommerce platform brings powerful B2B and B2C ecommerce functionality to Brightpearl enabling you to grow your business faster online.

Cloudfy + Brightpearl brings you everything you need to streamline the back office, from order management, to replenishment, retail accounting, inventory, warehouse management and now B2B ecommerce storefront. Designed to scale as you grow, Cloudfy is a cloud ecommerce platform.

cloudfy + brightpearl

With B2B Ecommerce perceived to be growing at a faster rate than retail ecommerce, Cloudfy and Brightpearl can deliver a powerful new route to market for your business online.

B2B Optimised Ecommerce

Cloudfy is built with our deep experience and expertise of B2B Ecommerce. B2B Commerce differs from retail ecommerce in terms of how the site is used, the frequency of repeat orders, the speed in which the user needs to interact with your site. Each part of your B2B Ecommerce site has been carefully designed to deliver the best experience to your trade customer.

Fully Integrated

To give your customers true self service through a Brightpearl B2B Ecommerce solution, we need to ensure they are viewing the latest most up to date information about products, prices, balances etc. With the power of Brightpearl and Cloudfy connector we are able to surface this information real time online. Find out more here.

Continuous New Functionality

We are continually adding new features to Cloudfy and all our customers receive these as part of the service. Some features we are adding based on our experience, others are requested by our customers. As part of Cloudfy we involve our customers closely with decisions on what new functionality is added. Here are a couple of the things we are currently working on covered in our FAQ section.

No Hidden Costs

Cloudfy is delivered as a complete solution based on a monthly subscription. There are no other charges, everything is included… Cloudfy, Support, Hosting, New Functionality and Integration. Get in touch to find out more about our pricing tiers today.

Cloud Optimised

Delivered on our powerful Cloud environment we have designed Cloudfy to auto scale and give you the performance your site needs through even the busiest periods. Cloudfy doesn’t run on a single server, but multiple servers to ensure the great levels of availability and security.

About Brightpearl

“Designed for retail and wholesale businesses only, Brightpearl understands what merchants care about most. With a strong focus on service, Brightpearl’s in-house implementation team gets you live in a third of the time it takes an ERP, and stays with you throughout, from tech support to on-going business consulting. In addition, Brightpearl is built to scale as you grow, and it’s designed for resilience; an operations platform you can build a business on.” 

Cloudfy + Brightpearl B2B Ecommerce Benefits

Cloudfy for Brightpearl B2B Ecommerce provides a powerful integrated ecommerce solution.

  • Efficient. By connecting Brightpearl with Cloudfy, run a fully integrated business online and offline.
  • Single view of customer, product, and pricing data.
  • Easy maintenance for customer data and product management.
  • Work with existing business processes to manage orders including credit control, pricing, order processing.
  • Intuitive interface allowing marketing teams to control the look and feel of your B2B Ecommerce site.

Cloudfy offers a complete solution for truly integrated Brightpearl B2B Ecommerce. To find out more, why not give us a call or drop an email here.

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