example of Cloudfy's custom product options feature in action

Providing customer choice delivers added value. You can increase sales and revenue dramatically by allowing your customers to create exactly the products they want.

Whether customers are ordering extra options for a computer or specifying mattresses to suit different body shapes, customising online purchases with a variety of components or options improves the relationship with your buyers.

Some innovative businesses and start-ups have successfully offered completely bespoke products such as clothes made to their customers’ exact measurements, but customisation isn’t an activity confined to niche markets.

Mass product customisation could soon see unique products and services created for each customer.

Once you have identified how you can deliver customisation that will create value for your customers, you will need an engaging, reliable, and cost-effective method to manage the process and meet expectations.

With a powerful B2B ecommerce platform like Cloudfy you can offer customised and personalised products and an exceptional buyer experience. In a competitive market, you will stand out from your competition.

Whether you’re already selling products with optional personalisation or are considering adding customisation options to your existing product line you can take your business to a new level. Product customisation can improve your conversion rates and profit margins and convert your customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Dynamic pricing – every customisable option can affect pricing, so it’s important to show your customer clearly what difference each choice makes. Integration with your finance and production systems can allow you to give immediate and accurate costs.

Configuration – whether you offer a range of colours, parts or processes you need to be able to show your customer what they are ordering. Advanced 360º product visualisation and fast, adaptive software can now make product configuration really engaging.

Recommendations – once basic choices have been made, you can also offer recommendations to complement or enhance the results.

Scalability – if you have multiple stores, your custom-made solutions can be tailored to each one, and can scale-up as your business grows.

Customer data – you can also learn a lot about your customers’ preferences from their customisation choices. Your customer relationship management (CRM) can become a valuable source of market intelligence.

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