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Allow your customers to connect directly to your website through SAP Ariba with Cloudfy Interaxions.
You can create a smooth and integrated way for your customers to use your B2B ecommerce site and quickly enhance the connection between you and your SAP Ariba customers.

With Cloudfy Interaxions, it’s easy to send and receive:

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Offer your SAP Ariba customers a seamless way to place orders with you thanks to Cloudfy Interaxions.

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The benefits of SAP Ariba

Ariba was born over 20 years ago, recognising the opportunities available on the internet to help businesses improve their procurement processes. It allowed businesses of all sizes to connect with trading partners around the world to buy, sell, and manage sales efficiently. SAP acquired Ariba in 2012.

What does SAP Ariba offer?

SAP Ariba allows businesses to collaborate and compete online without the need to install hardware and software or manage system upgrades. The multi-tenant Cloud-based platform can be accessed using any browser and can be integrated into your ERP system.

It can provide information about company spending habits to help users negotiate better deals. Connection to a network of high-quality suppliers also helps to reduce the cost of goods and services and to minimise risk.

SAP Ariba can integrate product sourcing and design teams, cost tracking, contract compliance and supply availability to help get products to market quickly.

How SAP Ariba can change procurement

It provides a straightforward way to create a Cloud-based B2B sourcing and procurement marketplace. It allows a catalogue-style procurement process that is synchronised with SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and SAP’s powerful back-office Enterprise Central Component (ECC).

It includes finance, purchase orders and payments and allows internal users to work with advanced supply chain transactions. By simplifying the procurement process less training is needed, freeing up time to focus on value-added activities instead of corrections, repetitive or time-consuming tasks. It can also help to streamline electronic interchanges and minimise execution problems.

As a Cloud-based solution, Ariba is always up to date, so there’s no need to disrupt operations with upgrades. It’s possible to choose which functions should be updated to ensure that the supply chain environment isn’t affected.

SAP Ariba can be used to create a single, unified catalogue for both buyers and suppliers that can be explored using an Amazon-style search.

Integration with back-office systems

Procure-to-Pay allows purchasing and accounts payable activities to be integrated.

Automation can begin with a requisition and purchase order and can cover goods receipts, invoice remittance and approval to issue a purchase order to suppliers. Finally, invoices and outgoing payments can close the process, making everything transparent from start to finish.

This can be extended to the Procure-to-Order process with goods receipt and invoice handling. After invoices have been reconciled, an invoice receipt will trigger payment.

Overall order accuracy and exception handling are significantly enhanced and efficiency is improved.

Integrating data

Data about suppliers, purchasing processes, accounting rules, measurement units, categories, and general ledger can all be managed. Combined with transactional information about purchase orders, goods receipts, invoices, payments, stock availability and costs, SAP Ariba can be used to create comprehensive procurement processes.

With more than two million suppliers in the network and multiple solutions to optimise spend analysis, sourcing, contracts, supplier performance, quality, delivery and prices, SAP Ariba is a true tool for digital transformation.

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Effective connection

Cloudfy Interaxions allows you to connect directly with any of your SAP Ariba customers quickly and easily.

Once implemented, Cloudfy can receive and send on any orders to your ERP system, allowing for completely seamless integration.

In addition to SAP Ariba, Cloudfy Interaxions can be connected to a wide range of platforms and additional technologies and services. These include:

  • POET
  • EDI
  • Trade shift
  • Punchout
  • XML
  • CSV
  • API

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