Cloudfy Interaxions for SAP Ariba

Allow your customers to connect directly to your website through SAP Ariba with Cloudfy Interaxions.
You can create a smooth and integrated way for your customers to use your B2B ecommerce site and quickly enhance the connection between you and your SAP Ariba customers.

With Cloudfy Interaxions, it’s easy to send and receive:

Purchase orders


Stock Updates

Offer your SAP Ariba customers a seamless way to place orders with you thanks to Cloudfy Interaxions.

The Right B2B Ecommerce Solution
for Manufacturing Businesses

Effective connection

Cloudfy Interaxions allows you to connect directly with any of your SAP Ariba customers quickly and easily.

Once implemented, Cloudfy can receive and send on any orders to your ERP system, allowing for completely seamless integration.

In addition to SAP Ariba, Cloudfy Interaxions can be connected to a wide range of platforms and additional technologies and services. These include:

  • POET
  • EDI
  • Trade shift
  • Punchout
  • XML
  • CSV
  • API

Talk to one of our SAP Ariba experts today and find out more about the many benefits Cloudfy Interaxions can bring to your business.

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