Samurai Sports home page, a website built on Cloudfy

Personalising a home page for each of your B2B buyers is more effective than a generic experience. Eight out of 10 B2B businesses say that personalised content is an effective way to achieve their objectives.

B2B buyers increasingly expect relevant, well-timed offers and streamlined processes throughout their buying journey, based on their buying history. It’s simply more engaging.

Home page personalisation

Many B2B companies are concerned about the technology, data, and resources needed to deliver uniquely personalised content to their customers. Over half of marketers (53%) say that they don’t have the data they need to deliver personalisation.

However, integrating a purpose designed B2B ecommerce platform like Cloudfy with your enterprise systems will provide all the information you need. Powerful application programming interfaces (APIs), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) make sophisticated personalisation achievable within realistic budgets.

A streamlined experience

Using Cloudfy’s home page personalisation feature, your customers will automatically see their own dedicated page when they login to your online sales portal.

You can deliver relevant banner images and tailored menus to suit their profile. Page content will be populated on the basis of their previous search and buying histories. Their whole journey can be streamlined from login to purchase.

Saying ‘hello’

The homepage personalisation feature allows you to add:

  • greetings and calls to action using your buyer’s name
  • tailored navigation
  • links to relevant product pages
  • dynamic search results based on their profile and behaviour
  • alternative suggestions when no results are found.

Personalisation will not only improve conversion rates, it will also increase the average order value and encourage return visits.

Relevant to every visitor

According to Gartner, eight out of 10 companies now expect to compete on customer experience, considering it more important than price for their discerning buyers.

To do this effectively, you need to understand your buyer’s behaviour and the things that will make their online journey easier. You can use customer-specific information about their previous purchases, and factors like their location and the time of day to fine-tune the results.


We have all experienced the Amazon-like ‘buyers who bought this product also viewed…’. This is helpful for B2B buyers too. You can use Cloudfy’s home page personalisation feature to make recommendations based on individual user profiles and the purchasing behaviour of other similar buyers.

You can introduce your buyers to products that they might not know you offer, encouraging them to increase their purchases.

Promotions and offers

Your personalisation strategy can include themed, timed and tailored offers for each buyer.

From their previous buying history, it might be clear that some buyers prefer specific brands, while others have a seasonal purchasing pattern. You will impress them by anticipating their needs and delivering relevant offers at just the right moment.

Find out how Cloudfy’s homepage personalisation feature can improve buyer satisfaction and conversion rates for your B2B ecommerce company. Book a free demonstration.