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B2B Ecommerce trends during Coronavirus

The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak has been massive. On a personal and social level, the crisis has affected all our lives and we’ve had to adjust to new ways of living. From a business perspective, the challenge posed by … Read More

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B2B Ecommerce in South America

While business to business (B2B) ecommerce in South America offers great cross-border potential, the diverse cultures, languages and economies of 12 countries and three territories occupying almost 18 million square kilometres represent unique challenges. As a result, B2B ecommerce growth … Read More

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Enhance your B2B Ecommerce Website with Cloudfy’s Latest Features

At Cloudfy, our product team are working hard to add rich new functionality to our B2B ecommerce platform, with Cloudfy clients receiving access to these new features automatically if they are on the latest version of the platform.  In this blog we’ve summarised some … Read More

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Cloudfy offers 50% off for NFP organisations this month

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on many organisations and triggered an accelerated shift towards digital transformation. At Cloudfy, we’ve been helping dozens of B2B companies accelerate growth online for years through our B2B-first ecommerce platform that provides rich, out-of-the-box functionality, whilst helping maintain a … Read More

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The future of Integrated B2B Ecommerce: Why can’t my ERP talk to yours?

We have heard a lot about Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and integrated business to business (B2B) ecommerce. There’s no doubt that we have become much better at turning large amounts of business data into useful insights. So, … Read More

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Multi-site or Single-site International B2B Ecommerce

Whole new markets are now within reach for organizations that take a strategic approach to international business to business (B2B) ecommerce. In 2021, it’s predicted that more than 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online. … Read More

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B2B Ecommerce in Australia

Australia is full of opportunity for ambitious business to business (B2B) ecommerce companies. According to the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ report, Australia is ranked 14th out of 190 countries for ease of doing business and is the 7th easiest place … Read More

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B2B App Commerce vs B2B Ecommerce

Research by Google and Boston Consulting Group concluded that, on average, 40% of revenue for leading business to business (B2B) ecommerce organizations is driven or influenced by mobile devices. It also predicts that 70% of all B2B search queries will … Read More

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EDI, Punchout, XML and B2B Ecommerce

While business to business (B2B) ecommerce continues to grow in importance there are other technologies that can also play key roles in digital transformation for your business. Here we take a look at some of them and why they are … Read More

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Harvey Norman Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce

Harvey Norman Enterprise drives Digital Transformation with Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce

Harvey Norman + Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce Australian born Harvey Norman Business and Enterprise are a multi-award winning organisation committed to providing complete technology solutions for schools, businesses and franchises, enterprise corporations and government organisations. Providing customers with the latest in … Read More

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Macfarlane Packaging choose Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce

Macfarlane Packaging PLC power their B2B Ecommerce future with Cloudfy

Macfarlane + Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce Macfarlane Group Plc, founded by Lord Macfarlane in 1949, is the largest supplier of protective packaging in the UK and Ireland, serving over 20,000 businesses nationwide, with a focus on reducing packaging costs whilst enhancing … Read More

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Heineken Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce

Heineken Pivovarna Lasko Union launches with Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce

Heineken + Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce Heineken Pivovarna Lasko Union Brewery is the largest beverage producer in Slovenia and employs more than 600 people.  The company is 100% owned by the Dutch company Heineken and was formed in 2016 with the … Read More

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