B2B Ecommerce Ideas

We always look to Gartner and Forrester for great industry research. Trusted by large corporates for key technology buying decisions, both Gartner and Foster provide the latest trends, industry insights and who the major solution providers are.

In a series of recent articles from Gartner, they highlight how B2B ecommerce is growing up and provide some insights on how B2B marketeers can take their businesses to the next level. Much of what Gartner identify in their article we can concur with from direct experience with our customers. You can read the full Gartner article here, with our summarised perspective below..

B2B Buyers are getting younger (IBM Commerce), and as a result demanding a more technology lead buying experience. Younger B2B Buyers expect the convenience of buying widgets in bulk from you to match the convenience and ease of buying a pair of shoes from an online retailer. As a result they expect a near consumer experience from your B2B Ecommerce site, and this isn’t just the B2B sales portal functionality but everything through to how their order is handled, payment processed and delivery. A lot to learn in the case of some traditional trade and wholesale businesses.

Ecommerce platforms and technology are becoming commoditized. Don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new B2B ecommerce platform when many are now available on demand like our Cloudfy platform. We completely agree with this view and this has compelled us to develop a scaleable, fully featured B2B ecommerce solution at a much more reasonable price.

And finally go mobile, like our mSeller solution buyers and sales reps need all the data your head office has available on a tablet or easily accessible on the web. Consider your mobile strategy. Our Cloudfy solution has a fully mobile responsive design to allow your customers to place orders from their mobile phones and tablets.. often whilst serving customers, working in their shops or warehouses.


We’ll keep bringing you the latest tips and trends from the world of B2B Ecommerce, if you would like to learn more why not get in touch and we can talk through how we can build a new sales channel for your business online.




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