A metaphorical image of people being welcomed into a new B2B portal

The digital revolution is one of the most interesting shifts of our time. Technology has changed the way we live and impacted so many aspects of our lives. It’s shaping how we interact, buy and learn in ways inconceivable half a century ago.

But certain areas and industries have been slower to embrace the digital opportunities that are out there.

One example is the B2B sector. Granted, plenty have now moved into the digital space and are enjoying plenty of online success. But many B2B businesses still linger in the offline, traditional world of wholesale commerce that was commonplace 20 years ago.

Times change, and today, as a B2B business, having a B2B portal from which to serve your customers is the best way to meet your clientele’s changing needs.

Moving with the times

One reason you might be reluctant to make the shift to a B2B ecommerce portal is because you feel your customers are quite traditional and against it. 

Is this something you actively know though? Or is it simply something you thought you heard many years ago and have never reconsidered?

According to B2BecNews, 48.6% of B2B businesses now conduct between 50% and 75% of all their corporate purchases online.

The reality is that while some customers may not be too fussed about moving online, there are plenty out there that will prefer online purchasing via a B2B portal.

This is partly due to a shift in mentality, but also consider who is actually buying from you. B2B buyers are getting younger, and millennials are increasingly the people in the position of power when it comes to purchasing positions for the businesses that buy from you.

Back in 2015, Google found that almost half of B2B buyers fell into that millennial age bracket. And that figure is only going to be higher now and in the future.

Get in front of more potential customers

The power of SEO means that having a dedicated B2B portal can give your business visibility it simply won’t have offline.

Fit your B2B portal with apt search terms, information and insight and you can alter the customer acquisition paradigm substantially. 

There’s also the opportunity to deliver a strong online customer experience that will make the purchasing and delivery process for customers all the better. A B2B portal offers unprecedented opportunities for enhanced efficiency and payments.

The Cloudfy B2B ecommerce portal offers an exceptional base from which to grow online and connect with existing and new customers like never before.

You can request a free demo of the Cloudfy B2B portal today. Our team will be happy to show you how Cloudfy can fundamentally change the way you do business, allowing you to embrace ecommerce, as well as futureproof what you do and how you do it.