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Christmas is when retailers want to get things right. Their success over Christmas can shape their entire year’s statistics and be somewhat make or break.

For many B2C retailers, their reliance on having the right products on their shelves and ways of generating sales falls on B2B wholesalers. This is who they have to turn to in order to make sure every angle is covered. Without adequate and excellent stock at their disposal, the chances of Christmas success diminishes rapidly.

This in turn presents ample opportunity for B2B organisations to enhance their own sales and ensure some festive cheer. In an ecommerce context, ensuring your website is optimised to take advantage of more businesses seeking your products is vital.

So if you’re wondering what to look at, change or add, we’ve picked out some things to consider.

Show Correct Stock Levels

Be sure to have accurate stock levels showing on your website in the build up to Christmas. The last thing you want is for orders to be placed and you not able to meet them due to inaccurate information on your website.

This will not only be a major headache in the short term for the purchaser, but will also significantly hamper the chances of them shopping with you again in the future.

Any B2B wholesalers should want to be seen as reliable and on the ball. Presenting an accurate picture of what your customers can buy is an important step towards achieving this.

Make Offers and Promotions Clear and Obvious

If you have an offer or promotion available to your customers in the run up to Christmas, make sure it’s clear and obvious on your website. Create banners or include imagery that can attract the attention of your site visitors and navigate them to offers that are of interest to them.

And if you have a series of special Christmas offers, why not create a Christmas landing page? This can be created to give visitors quick access to offers and product ranges that may be of particular interest to them at this time of year.

Don’t Neglect Logistics

Make sure your delivery options are easy to access and understand for potential buyers. Christmas is a time of year when people want maximum efficiency and minimum hassle. If they are interested in buying from you, but information about delivery isn’t readily available or doesn’t meet their requirements, they’ll quickly look elsewhere.

Be sure to make it clear when your final delivery date is for example. That will make it obvious when buyers have until to buy from you and allows them to plan accordingly.

Usability is a vital element of converting site visitors to customers. So make sure your site’s navigation is optimised to provide visitors with all the information they need to buy from you. If you don’t do this, you risk losing a host of potential customers.

Push Punchout

A B2B punchout solution is a great way to tailor storefronts for each customer and allow them to integrate with you directly. This allows customers to purchase items directly from their ERP or procurement system.

These solutions are great all year round. But in the run up to Christmas when time is of the essence, having that extra layer of ease and efficiency can be huge advantageous.

Think Ahead

Christmas is naturally a big area of focus in the year’s later months, but don’t forget about the new year. Products will still be required in January and February, so is there a chance to get ahead of the competition?

Any momentum built up on the run in to Christmas could potentially be maintained into the new year through promotions and a positive experience for customers. So don’t get to the 25th December and switch off completely – there are opportunities out there.

Considering your options

Whether your area of expertise is fashion and apparel, food and beverage or another area of B2B business entirely, be sure to find the right ecommerce platform for your needs.

Both in the run up to Christmas and as you plan for the new year, having a seamless, integrated B2B ecommerce platform for your website can make it easier to meet your customers’ needs moving forwards.

If you feel you might have outgrown your existing platform or simply want to discuss your needs, our team is always willing to help.

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