Manufacturing B2B Ecommerce

Cloudfy has worked with leading manufacturers to understand the unique needs of their clients and the complexity of their products. That’s why we can deliver powerful, seamless B2B ecommerce solutions for manufacturers.

Over your product’s lifetime owners will make a significant ongoing investment in maintenance. Extending ecommerce functionality to your end users or distribution channels is a great opportunity to differentiate your offer and significantly increase your ongoing revenue.

Cloudfy delivers full integration with backend manufacturing and enterprise systems such as InforLN, Epicor, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Model numbers, part numbers, stock availability and tailored pricing can all be available on your B2B ecommerce platform.

Because downtime is expensive for your customers, they need access to parts ordering and delivery at anytime and from anywhere. As a cloud-based solution Cloudfy allows you to deliver round-the-clock support cost-effectively to desktops, tablets and mobiles. You can even interface with ‘smart’ equipment to provide real time diagnostics.

Your customers will expect an easy purchase process, accurate delivery information or local pick-up options. With a Cloudfy solution you can keep track of the stock you and your distributors hold, so you can give customers the best and fastest service.

With Cloudfy’s easy user interface you can design and manage your B2B ecommerce site to represent your brand, deliver great user experience and meet the needs of your product owners.

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Here are some of the features we consider essential to delivering Cloudfy as a great Manufacturing B2B Ecommerce platform.

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Easy Access
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Stock Check
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Complex Order Entry
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Customer Self Service

“Such a great concept I’m surprised it’s not been done before. Always getting updated with new features, five stars also for great communication from the Cloudfy team. Already increasing monthly sales by 20%!”

“Cloudfy platform has proven to be a great decision for our business. The website was built in under 8 weeks, it has been a cost effective investment and so easy to merchandise and manage on a daily basis.”

“Moving to Cloudfy has enabled EFG to triple the size of our online business in under 12 months. It’s a dream to work with and Cloudfy support team are spot on.”

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