B2B Ecommerce drives real business efficiency

With many customers experiencing margin pressure through rising business costs, Cloudfy delivers important real business efficiency in terms of customer self service.

“We love the way customers order from us at times when we are not in the office, and next morning the order appears directly in our backoffice systems without any intervention. Fantastic for our customers and fantastic for us, true win win!”

Mark Press, Fordville

Integrated Systems

By linking Cloudfy to your back office systems you can share stock, products, promotions and receive orders all automatically. You are no longer constrained by staff having to manually place orders, or update information. This is a key part of business efficiency enabling growth. Below are just a few of the systems that can we can integrate with.

Person on dexshell website on tablet
Customer Self Service

Reduce calls from customers for information which can be readily made available online. Cloudfy provides customers with a web portal allowing them to not only view product information, but download data sheets, specifications, images and supporting documentation. “Customers used to call us 5 times a day asking for barcode information, they can now retrieve it quickly and easily online. This frees up our staff to focus on adding value to our business and the customer without having to manually provide this information.” Mark Harris, Bonningtons.

Person looking at the Dexshell website on laptop
Sell Online

By providing a single view of your products, pricing and stock.. many Cloudfy customers have been able to drive more sales online instead of manual order taking. Customers love the ability to place orders and work with your business when they want often outside normal working hours. “We formed a stronger direct relationship with many customers as they could always see up to date stock, pricing and product ranges rather than the half yearly visit from one of our sales team. Our sales team are now able to focus more on growing business and new business rather than order taking.” Jordan Price, Boyz Toys.

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