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5 B2B Marketing Tactics You Should Try This Year

5 B2B Marketing Tactics You Should Try This Year

Marketing in the B2B space presents different challenges to the B2C space. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for experimentation. B2B businesses should always look to develop leads, promote the work they do or the services and products they offer as a way of increasing their brand awareness and overall revenue.

To do this, it’s important to have a marketing strategy that can deliver results. Whether you’re in fashion, food and beverage or manufacturing, why not consider one of the following tactics for your B2B company and see how you can enhance your business.

1 – Integrate Your Channels

Tying all your digital channels together and integrating them with your overall marketing goals is a must when it comes to thriving in the B2B marketing space.

Make sure your social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and any other channels you use are all tied together and guiding people towards your ultimate goal of customer conversion.

Also, try to include links to social media channels in your email marketing collateral, push email subscriptions in your content marketing, and include links to your content on social media.

This multi-faceted approach can enhance your brand awareness, allowing all channels to be connected, and ultimately helping your B2B ecommerce website become more effective.

2 – Promote your Work with Case Studies

Content marketing is a great way to build traffic online and enhance your reputation by delivering interesting, stimulating information about your brand and the work you do.

Why should a potential customer use your services and not those of a competitor? Including case studies on your website can give a concrete example of exactly what you deliver and how you deliver it.

Case studies and other content like blogs and videos can help you stand out from the crowd. They also present a chance to boost your SEO by including relevant keywords within your copy, which can help grow organic traffic.

3 – Make Things Mobile

Optimizing for mobile is an absolute must in today’s ecommerce world. This is just as relevant to B2B businesses as B2C companies.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking all your B2B orders are coming from desktop computers. Mobile orders are here, so your site needs to be responsive and easily navigable on smart phone and tablet devices, otherwise you risk losing potential customers.

4 – Consider Personalization

IoT is coming to B2B ecommerce and affords the chance to enhance the user experience in radical new ways. Personalizing content and making things relevant to specific customers can go a long way to boosting customer loyalty and help you stand out from the crowd.

Artificial intelligence is also on the rise and can play an important role in B2B ecommerce. This presents the chance to deliver enhanced user experiences and lets companies preempt customer orders based on their previous needs. This also helps boost loyalty, so the potential wins are evident.

5 – Interact with Existing and Potential Customers Online

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that simply by having a presence online and on social media, you’re ticking this box off.

There are plenty of opportunities to build customer loyalty and secure more business by having an active online presence. This way, you can help people gain a better insight into what you’re all about as a company.

Whether it’s starting conversations, responding to feedback or adding great content, don’t neglect your social media feeds and website. It could be the difference between your potential customers deciding to use your services or selecting one of your competitors instead.

Move with the Times

Finding ways to stand out from the crowd in the B2B space can be the difference between success and failure. B2B ecommerce is always developing and those who move with the times stand the best chance of progressing.

Cloudfy helps make B2B ecommerce easy. If you want to learn more about our B2B ecommerce platform or request a free demo, get in touch today.

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