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WMS Integrations

Best-In-Class B2B Ecommerce Software with WMS Integration

Simplify your tech stack by tightly integrating your webstore with your preferred warehouse management system

B2B E-commerce Software with WMS Integration

Your warehouse is the heartbeat of your supply business. To make sense of the chaos of inventory, SKUs, packaging materials, containers and pallets you may lean on a warehouse management system (WMS) to keep track of anything and everything that’s stocked on your shelves.

What’s more, if you’re now at a point in your business where you’re looking to streamline your operation, you’re probably searching for a B2B ecommerce platform to bring the same level of efficiencies to your order capture process as your WMS has brought to your storage and fulfillment needs.

Yet few ecommerce solutions are particularly well suited to speak directly to your WMS and deeply integrate to pass critical data back-and-forth. Certainly not most B2C oriented tools. And most trade-only solutions just scratch the integration-surface. There must be a better way!

And there is – your Cloudfy B2B ecommerce software comes out-of-the-box with WMS integration that dives deep into your warehousing tables. There is NO need for you to pay for and setup a separate connector. Simplify, save and scale your operation through an industry leading combination of B2B and D2C ecommerce features, top-notch UX and so much more, all packed in a turn-key, low-maintenance and affordable SaaS solution.

B2B Webstore with WMS Integration

Why Integrate Your Webstore & WMS



Multi-warehousing functionality is a critical component of any supplier that needs to manage and control inventory across more than one location. Cloudfy’s out-of-the-box multi-warehousing feature integrates with your ERP and WMS to provide your company with essential tools so you can efficiently manage multiple physical, virtual, and mobile warehousing locations and storefronts.

PIM Functionality

Your Cloudfy site comes out-of-the-box with industry leading product information management (PIM) features, native to the platform but also capable of integrating with your own 3rd party PIM software. Designed to give you the ability to easily manage your product information, deliver personalized experiences, and scale as your SKU counts, your warehouse shelves and your business grows large.

Inventory Visibility

Given today’s supply chain challenges, now more than ever your clients will appreciate getting the most accurate view of your product counts, in near real-time. Cloudfy gives you a host of methods to present your inventory quantities, lead times and more - all fed straight from your WMS, ERP or other 3rd party software. Your stock-sensitive clients will also appreciate back-ordering and pre-ordering capability.

Discover how simple it can be to mesh your WMS with your ecommerce solution. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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