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Simplify & Consolidate Your B2B Ecommerce Software Stack with this Turn-key SaaS Solution

Discover how you can lighten your IT-load with this turn-key, all-in-1 wholesale webstore, hosting platform and ERP connector.

Simplify B2B Ecommerce with Cloudfy's Turn-Key SaaS Solution

Streamline IT Operations: Cloudfy's Solution for Multi-Channel Ecommerce

If your IT resources are already strained, managing a complicated ecommerce stack can be a daunting challenge on top of all your general IT responsibilities. It’s especially difficult if your business runs multiple brands, ecommerce stores, marketplaces, B2B and D2C sites. You’re faced with challenges in delivering services through multiple channels and need a single platform like Cloudfy to consolidate your offerings.

The complexity of maintaining multiple integration points costs your business both time and money. Manual data management leaves room for errors and is time consuming and costly. But with Cloudfy’s seamless integrations, you can improve efficiencies and foster strategic growth.

Streamlined Ecommerce Process


Unlike other b2b ecommerce solutions, Cloudfy comes pre-built with integration to major ERPs. There’s no need to manage separate hosting environments or connectors. In fact, if you run a separate D2C ecommerce website, you could use Cloudfy as the hub to your ERP for that site too and eliminate the challenge of integrating and managing a second piece of software.

With Cloudfy your hosting, support and upgrades are all done for you, bundled into one low-cost monthly service fee.

Cloudfy is hosted in Microsoft Azure. This allows us to host your site in your region of the country, and the services have redundancy built in with no single point of failure.

Both the customer ordering app and salesperson app are offered as out-of-the-box add-ons. We handle all the app setup, integration, hosting and upgrade responsibilities for you.

With Cloudfy’s multi-storefront functionality you can meet the needs of multiple audiences, support your plans for international growth, and promote specific products to different market sectors, all based on a single, easy-to-manage ecommerce instance.

In addition to offering the most comprehensive set of B2B ecommerce features on the market, you can also setup your Cloudfy webstore for a D2C model and give your retail customers the ability to checkout like a normal B2C site. Furthermore, you can even setup your Cloudfy shop to accommodate a hybrid model where your wholesale customers login to purchase at their trade-only pricing and retail customers perform a regular guest checkout and pay retail prices – all without the need to setup, host or maintain multiple sites.

Whether your clients prefer to order from you via EDI, API, cXML, Excel upload, Ariba or Punchout, Cloudfy can handle all these order methods and eliminate the need for any 3rd party software.

Every bit of data in Cloudfy is made available to you through an API endpoint.

See for yourself how Cloudfy can help you consolidate and simplify your IT stack. Contact us now to schedule your free demo.


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