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B2B Ecommerce Solutions for Merging Companies


The ecommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate, and as a business owner, you are faced with a myriad of ecommerce platform choices. Your choice of platform will impact your business, so you need a solution that will position you for long-term growth. If your business runs multiple brands, ecommerce stores, marketplaces, B2B and B2C, you face challenges in delivering services through multiple channels and need a single platform like Cloudfy to consolidate your offerings.

Cloudfy has the essential features necessary to meet the needs of B2B, B2C, and omnichannel markets from within the same platform. Some benefits of consolidation include the following:

  • Allowing customers to find your website faster
  • Creating and maintaining your brand vision across all platforms
  • Uniform design
  • Analyzing data through a single viewpoint
  • Streamlined processes

The complexity of maintaining multiple integration points costs your business both time and money. Manual data management leaves room for errors and is time consuming and costly. With Cloudfy’s seamless integrations, you can improve efficiencies and foster strategic growth.

Customers benefit when you consolidate and automate sales processes among businesses, suppliers and distributors. You can personalize your ecommerce sites for specific market segments. Your ecommerce design can look the same for all segments or dynamically change based on the type of customer visiting the site. This allows you to reach more customers and increases customer loyalty, improves sales and boosts conversion rates.

Cloudfy connects disparate systems and web platforms for a single entry into your ERP system, making it easier to analyze customer data and better understand your customers.

With a low-cost, low-risk monthly fee, Cloudfy offers a simple, out-of-the-box solution to get you trading online fast. It ensures you are ready for rapid changes in the marketplace.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you consolidate your platforms with Cloudfy.

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Business System Integration

To scale your business online, integration with your backoffice systems is key. Cloudfy is designed to connect with all major ERP, Accounting, Warehousing and Business systems. In addition, our powerful and flexible API and flat file integration tools allows each connection to virtually any system. Learn More

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