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Best-In-Class B2B Ecommerce Software for Busy Manufacturers

Simplify, save & scale your business by automating order processing & offering self-service tools to your distributor, wholesaler & D2C clients.

B2B Ecommerce Software for Manufacturer

If you’re a thriving manufacturer, you know how challenging it can be to sift through the flood of purchase orders coming into your offices. Without an efficient process for dealing with the onslaught of requests, all the resulting data entry, error resolution and customer frustration is likely costing your business a lot of time and money, eating further into your profit margins.

You probably discovered by now that most B2B ecommerce solutions typically tend to just scratch the surface in terms of the deep functionality and integrations that you need to automate your operation. There must be a better way!

Enter Cloudfy – the best-in-class Manufacturer B2B ECommerce Software, with the premier slate of trade-only features you can switch on as your business grows – all bundled together in an easy, fast, affordable and scalable one-stop-shop SaaS platform. Your Cloudfy webstore helps you simplify, save and scale by automating your order processing and giving your clients true self-service features. The end result is that your team will spend less time and money on data entry and client support, and more of both expanding your product line and developing more relationships with distributors, wholesalers and retail partners.

B2B Ecommerce for Manufacturers
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Custom Client Experiences

If certain clients only buy a subsection of your product lines, your Cloudfy site gives you the ability to define customer groups and control what information is shared with what clients. Whether it’s products, promotions, prices or content, your Cloudfy site can provide your customers a truly personalized user experience.

Done-for-You Integration

Your Cloudfy solution comes pre-built with integration to popular ERP systems, so launching your connected ecommerce platform is as simple as a routine configuration task (done by Cloudfy). Plus, our talented team can very easy connect your new ordering portal to other back-office softwares: WMS, TMS, PIM, VMS, CRM and more.

CPQ Product Builder

Your Cloudfy portal includes a robust CPQ product builder, giving your clients the ability to easily obtain real-time pricing for your selection of complex, configurable products. This approach to ordering and quote process frees up your sales team so they can then spend less time filling out paperwork and more time developing new relationships.

D2C Capabilities

If you plan to sell both B2B and D2C, your Cloudfy site makes it easy. You could either launch a hybrid site where your trade-only clients login for trade-only pricing while consumers perform a guest checkout. Or you could launch a multi-site configuration. Either scenario uses a single Cloudfy instance so you can simplify your IT and save money in the process.

Integrated Ordering

Cloudfy gives you the ability to offer integrated ordering solutions to your larger clients, based on their unique connection requirements – whether that's EDI, XML, API, FTP, Punchout and more. Additionally, the integration can also work in reverse to populate your partners' systems and storefronts with your products and your stock counts in near real-time.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Your Cloudfy site gives you the option of tackling your bill of material (BOM) explosions either inside of your ERP software or instead doing it through the product setup interface in your Cloudfy web portal so that either way you can decide where, when and how you want to decrement your inventory of component parts. Discover more about BOM ordering here.


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