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Best-In-Class Features for B2B Ecommerce Success

Cloudfy ecommerce storefront includes the most robust set of B2B and D2C features on the market, designed to help manufactures and suppliers like you to simplify, save and scale

B2B Ecommerce Features


Unlike more B2C-centric platforms, at the heart of your Cloudfy b2b ecommerce software is a best-in-class feature set designed to provide robust solutions for manufacturers and suppliers like you with complex needs. With over a decade of experience serving trade-only clients, we understand the nuances and edge cases of wholesale and D2C sales and built deep features to fit your unique needs around pricing, warehousing, payments, ERP integrations, personalized customer experiences and lots more.

Your Cloudfy software is a turn-key, out-of-the-box SaaS platform with the flexibility and feature-rich-functionality to help empower your customers by encouraging self-service habits, reduce your expenses through automation, and increase your sales. Simplify, save and scale with Cloudfy.


From custom category menus to restricted product offerings to unique homepages and dashboard experiences, your Cloudfy site can be easily adjusted to cater to different audiences – resulting in greater customer satisfaction and stronger sales… Learn More


Cloudfy gives you the option of tackling your BOM explosions either inside your ERP or doing it through the product setup interface in your web portal so that either way you can decide where, when and how you want to decrement your inventory of component parts. More about BOM Orders >

If you’re a distributor of either perishable goods, digital downloads, expiring products or warranty-applicable items, you know it can be ever-more challenging to constantly generate, apply and manage countless serialized license numbers for each of your client’s wholesale orders. Cloudfy gives you the ability to easily assign unique license numbers to your clients’ wholesale orders, whether tangible products or digital downloads. More about serialized ordering >

Not all customers may buy or see the same products as others in a B2B business. Cloudfy can allow you to define customer groups and control what information is shared with specific customers. Whether it’s products, promotions, prices or content, Cloudfy can help you specifically target and share the right information with the right customer.

Use Cloudfy’s Multi Media Download Library to allow your customers to download product information such as descriptions, SKU, EAN, pricing, images and additional data. Customers can download information for specific products or everything in a category or across the entire website. This feature is particularly useful for large businesses that require detailed product information for merchandising purposes or online retail customers.

Help your customers find the products they need faster by adding attributes such as brand, color, size, occasion and more to products. Once you’ve added attributes, the product filters will become active in the product category. You can also create products which allow customers to select options such as size and color by using configurable product types. Simply group single SKU products under a master product which has defined product options linked to those single SKUs.

Reduce navigation time with Cloudfy’s powerful mega menu feature which shows categories and sub-categories in a large menu view, on desktop. This feature can be switched on/off or replaced with a standard Category navigation menu if preferred.

Define the look and feel of different types of products with Cloudfy’s product listing templates. These can be used with single products, bundles or selectable products. Product templates can also be used to showcase more complex product information or sale and promotional items.

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Streamline your operation, improve customer satisfaction and accelerate collections by giving your clients a place to view, print, and even pay all their outstanding invoices 24/7… Learn More


Offer your trade customers a B2C experience, while catering to the specific needs of B2B companies, and with 4 major updates released each year, you can enjoy a competitive advantage as we’re constantly improving the platform based on the latest B2B ecommerce trends.

Repeat trade customers want the most efficient way to place their orders, as they are likely to know exactly what products they need to order – by SKU, barcode or description. Our Quick Order tool allows customers to build up a very quick order and place it into their cart fast and efficiently, while the repeat purchase functionality allows users to repeat previous orders with just a few clicks.

Many Cloudfy clients believe that allowing their customers to have a self-service solution (not just from an ordering perspective, but also viewing product stock levels, finding their sales reps, downloading product data and more) is as important as being able to place an order online. To that end, we’ve created a full self-service management system.

Allow your customers to find what they need faster with our predictive search by product titles, SKUs, descriptions, EAN numbers. You can also view the search results and terms in the CMS and further fine-tune your search by linking search terms to products.

Inventory status indicators are a critical piece of your B2B ecommerce business that let your customers know in real time how much stock you have available. With supply chain issues an ongoing problem, the ability to share your inventory with your stock-sensitive wholesale clients is a crucial factor in helping you meet or exceed your customers’ needs. Cloudfy was built for B2B businesses, and by working with manufacturers and distributors like you, Cloudfy has developed customizable inventory status signals that fit your business.

Cloudfy offers an extended configurable responsive design across all devices, so your customers can easily order online anytime, anywhere. Based on a choice of design templates that is constantly expanded, the platform offers you the full capability to change color, font, style and manage all content, so it easily reflects your brand.

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If your products are bespoke, your shipping is complex or your prices aren’t stored in your ERP, Cloudfy gives you the ability to collect your customer’s request online, calculate your pricing and push that number back to your client’s shopping cart, along with an automated notice… Learn More


With Cloudfy, you can easily set up various customer groups, allowing for different customers to see a different view. Your customers can also effortlessly manage their own accounts within the platform by resetting passwords, placing orders, viewing previous orders and accessing further information as required.

B2B ecommerce requires flexibility and easy configuration of specific business rules. The work flow management tool allows you to configure your business rules into Cloudfy, to handle different order flows for various customers, account order level authorizations, different warehousing and shipping rules and sub account management.

Cloudfy provides you with the framework you need to support a Quote to Cash business process online. It can be used to streamline the following processes using a single platform: set up, attract leads, turn leads into opportunities, quote, order, fulfill the order and invoice.

With Cloudy you can set customer specific contract pricing based on promotions, order volumes, seasonal expenditure or agreed price quotations. You can also set the terms of the contract to include timeframe, order value, rate of expenditure including rebates, and defined time limits.

Automate your RMA process with Cloudfy’s returns handling feature. This can be done through manual management or integration with your back-office ERP and warehousing systems. All you need to do is set rules within the workflow to define how a return is handled and processed.

Many Cloudfy clients believe that allowing their customers to have a self-service solution (not just from an ordering perspective, but also viewing product stock levels, finding their sales reps, downloading product data and more) is as important as being able to place an order online. To that end, we’ve created a full self-service management system.

Set up custom wholesale pricing rules through Cloudfy or via systems’ integration and associate them with different customer groups. Cloudfy also offers a hybrid trade/retail pricing functionality which requires your users to login to view trade prices, while MSRP/retail prices are publicly visible allowing non-trade customers to purchase without having to login with the guest checkout mode.

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Multi-level authorization allows your customer to complete their purchase approval process and confirm their order easily within your site. Their order will only be confirmed when specific approvals… Learn More


Subscription ordering is easier than ever to implement in your Cloudfy webstore. Your B2B ecommerce business can benefit from the efficiency of this out-of-the-box feature to offer recurring orders for items ranging from magazines to grocery products to prescriptions.

Your Cloudfy ecommerce site makes it super easy for your clients to submit their POs in Excel, via upload or email.

Take advantage of Cloudfy’s optimized checkout process and design. Our one click checkout process has also been designed to reduce the user journey and improve checkout conversion rates.

No payment data is stored or transacted on Cloudfy. Instead it is processed by trusted 3rd party payment providers who hold PCI DSS level 1 security compliance. You can also take advantage of a series of payment options which is continually evolving, such as Sage Pay, PayPal Express, on account, cheque/BACS (manual) and more.

Your customers will be able to review their order activity on login, making it easy to print off invoices and orders, or view order status. Additionally, customer orders are visible from the CMS and the powerful management system allows you to quickly see customer order history, order patterns and send targeted newsletters and promotional emails based on this data.

With Cloudfy you can easily place orders against a customer account with our telephone ordering functionality which is managed through the Admin CMS. This enables you to add/remove products, select customer, take credit card payment, place in the customer’s cart or allow payment on account.

Once logged in, your customers are only one button away from repeating their previous order. By pressing the ‘Repeat Order’ button, all the items from the previous order are added to the cart immediately. A convenient solution which is excellent for customers who regularly place similar or identical repeat orders, saving them a lot of time. More about repeat ordering made easy.

Delivery and pricing are often what makes the difference between competing companies and how they operate. We want to give our customers a competitive edge, so we’ve created a highly customizable delivery matrix which includes a variety of options such as standard minimum order values, free delivery over X, post code based delivery charges, next day delivery options, product based delivery options and more. This flexible delivery management system will provide you with more opportunities to ensure that you are charging correctly for delivery.

Help your customer service team provide impeccable support for your users through the Cloudfy Customer Service Center module. Customer service teams can help customers place orders, select the right items, view products, and look at customers’ previous order history, order patterns, as well as review items they have looked at.

Your Cloudfy site gives you the option to enable backorders and pre-orders for your clients. You may elect to activate this feature for only certain products or product groups. Or you can restrict the capability to certain customers or customer groups. Or you could even setup a hybrid scenario combining both customer and product rules together.

What’s more, you can designate a certain calendar window during which these orders are available, and automatically shutdown the functionality after the designated expiration date.

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For companies with complex product configurations, Cloudfy’s enhanced CPQ product builder, integrated with your ERP, can help you and your customers save time and effort by automating quotes and generating accurate pricing quickly…  Learn More


Say goodbye to costly, complex business systems that are a headache to implement and manage. Cloudfy has been created as a straightforward ecommerce solution which allows you to manage your entire website through our user-friendly Admin CMS system, so you can spend less time managing your online business and more time growing it.

Cloudfy, designed from the outset to be highly configurable with the help of simple ‘how to’ guides, allows the site merchant to control every aspect of the online experience. From front end look and feel to complex pricing rules, customer and product setup, Cloudfy is fully configurable. Our Professional Services team work with you on the initial setup and are available on an ongoing basis to support any queries you may have.

As your business grows, you may need to house your inventory in more locations. Cloudfy comes pre-built with multi-warehouse functionality so you can assign different product groups or different customer groups to be associated with different warehouses.

Whether you already have international customers or plan to grow your business abroad, Cloudfy has industry standard features designed to facilitate international sales. Combined with a highly configurable tax engine, Cloudfy provides the flexibility to allow you to add multiple currencies which can be set manually using a site-wide currency calculator, a separate price list or automatically using real time data once a day. You can also add multiple languages either manually by defining the country and the local content, or dynamically using Google Translate.

Define access control and rules based at both user and group level from a customer ordering and administration perspective. Customers can add sub accounts, departments, regional buying divisions with set authorization levels, access and visibility. For example, a user at the head office can purchase items for all delivery addresses, but a regional user may have view access or a spend limit with delivery to a certain address set. In addition, the same applies to the administration of Cloudfy – you can set roles and define access to individual users so your Cloudfy site always remains secure.

Trade across multiple regions, under separate brands or in different business models such as D2C with Cloudfy Multi Store. Have separate stores for different countries, a retail store, a separate brand B2B store – all under the same Cloudfy instance which flexible and scalable to grow with your business. Stores can remain on the same URL, or on separate URLs depending on the configuration you require.

Trade across multiple regions, under separate brands or in different business models such as D2C with Cloudfy Multi-Store. Have separate stores for different countries, a retail store, a separate brand B2B store – all under the same Cloudfy instance which is flexible and scalable to grow with your business. Stores can remain on the same URL, or on separate URLs depending on the configuration you prefer.

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Launch and manage multiple stores from a single platform – helping you overcome the challenges (and the expense) of otherwise synchronizing and maintaining multiple sites, inventory, and business processes. It’s even possible to create a specific storefront for each major client of yours… Learn More


At the heart of Cloudfy is flawless systems’ integration with major back office, accounting, warehousing and ERP systems. This is achieved through our innovative API technology designed to work in a standard way between the 3rd party system and Cloudfy. In addition, Cloudfy has a separate integration system which can receive data in a range of formats and even transform it using our data transformation engine into a suitable format for ecommerce.

Cloudfy is a fully hosted solution and hosting is provided within the ongoing monthly fee. Cloudfy is hosted in global ISO27001 compliant data centers offering the highest levels of performance and availability, 24/7.

Cloudfy, by its nature as a cloud B2B ecommerce solution, offers high availability hosting with multiple fail-over facilities. Hosted in the US, UK and Asia, Cloudfy is designed to offer maximum availability, performance and up time, ensuring you are always available online to serve your customers.

Security is our highest priority and we go through a continual process to keep our customers’ sites secure. As standard, all our sites have an SSL certificate applied across the entire website which is renewed every 2 years.

Cloudfy is scanned every 24 hours for PCI security compliance. No payment data is stored or transacted on the platform, instead being processed by 3rd party payment providers who hold PCI DSS level 1 security compliance.

Utilizing Opayo’s fraud detection system, you can quickly identify and cancel fraudulent orders. Opayo (formerly Sage Pay) allows you to tighten payment requirements and implement 3D secure authentication to further reduce fraud.

With a range of built-in reports, Cloudfy provides you with all the information you need to run your business. Cloudfy reporting can be configured to provide further insights as required. Integration into Google Analytics and Microsoft Power BI are also provided as standard.



The ability to easily manage your product information comes built-in to the Cloudfy platform. Or, if you prefer to house all your product details in your ERP or a separate PIM software, Cloudfy can integrate with those third party data sources too… Learn More


We know how important it is being able to measure the performance of your website, which is why as standard, Cloudfy offers Google Analytics integration. Simply add your Google Analytics account code to activate and start tracking. This can be configured within the admin system with ease and it will provide you with real insights into how your site is being used. Cloudfy also offers integration with Google’s Merchant Center so you can take advantage of Google Shopping ads.

Take advantage of a powerful merchandising and promotions engine to drive new sales via your Cloudfy website. Offer codes, discounts, special offers and step outside of normal pricing rules to market tactically when needed.

With Cloudfy, you can enable promotions to appear on your ecommerce website at set times or if certain criteria are met. For example, if an order is over $500, you can offer a free item, discount code or discount everything in a category by 10%.

Cloudfy’s Blog and News system allows you to add blog entries with images and formatted text. Use the blog management tool to easily create blog entries, news and other information for your customers. Content is key to marketing your business and an active blog and news section can help you engage with new and existing customers, while also building credibility in your market.

Make the most of email marketing with Cloudfy’s in-built features such as ‘Email a Friend’ which allows your customers to email product pages to a contact and share information about a product, or our very own Newsletter System. This enables you to create, edit, manage and send targeted emails to your customer base and design newsletters with our powerful WYSIWYG editor. Additionally, Cloudfy can also be integrated with 3rd party email marketing platforms like Mailchimp.

Cloudfy is designed to give you easy access to its functionality through the admin Content Management System (CMS). All major aspects of the site can be controlled from here giving you access to add, edit, delete static pages, and edit product, category and promotional content. Pages have a pre-defined layout and there are plenty of static pages which can be edited, such as: About Us, Contact Us, News, Delivery Information, Advice and Information, Terms and Conditions, Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, FAQs and more.



Cloudfy that can transact with your different customers based on their unique connection requirements – whether AS2 EDI, cXML, API, FTP, Punchout and more… Learn More

Extend your Cloudfy B2B ecommerce store with Punchout to allow your customers to place orders directly within their procurement systems. Cloudfy Punchout surfaces your ecommerce ordering portal within your customers’ systems, allowing them to browse your product range and place orders directly… Learn More


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