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  • Personalized Customer Experiences
  • Customer Self Service
  • Hosting
  • Inventory Status Indicator
  • Responsive design
  • Optimized B2B ecommerce
Cloudfy Customer Experience Feature

Customer Experience for your B2B Ecommerce Store

Cloudfy is a powerful ecommerce platform and with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it streamlines the buying process, making it simple for customers to find and purchase products. The platform also allows you to offer personalized pricing and manage orders efficiently to ensure order accuracy and on-time delivery.

ecommerce customer experience

Feature Spotlight

Personalized Customer Experiences

From custom category menus to restricted product offerings to unique homepages and dashboard experiences, your Cloudfy site can be easily adjusted to cater to different audiences – resulting in greater customer satisfaction and stronger sales. Read More about Personalized Customer Experiences

Benefits of Customer Experience Feature

Positive customer experiences lead to increased loyalty. When customers have a seamless, enjoyable experience with a company, they are more likely to return for repeat business, becoming long-term and loyal patrons.

Satisfied customers tend to spend more over the long term. By providing exceptional experiences, companies can increase the average amount a customer spends throughout their relationship with the brand.

Delighted customers are more likely to share their positive experiences with friends, family, and colleagues. This word-of-mouth marketing can lead to valuable referrals and new customers without significant advertising costs.

A focus on customer experience can lead to lower churn rates. When customers feel valued and have their needs met, they are less likely to switch to a competitor.

In competitive markets, providing exceptional customer experiences can set a company apart from its rivals. A strong reputation for customer service can become a unique selling point and a competitive advantage.

Consistently positive customer experiences contribute to a strong brand reputation. This reputation can attract new customers, as people are more likely to choose companies with a history of great service.

Aiming to exceed customer expectations results in higher levels of satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to forgive occasional hiccups and remain loyal.

Benefits of Customer Experience Feature
customer experience in ecommerce

Prioritizing customer experience fosters a customer-centric culture within the organization. This alignment encourages employees at all levels to focus on meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations.

Monitoring and analyzing customer interactions provide valuable insights into preferences, pain points, and trends. These insights help businesses tailor their offerings and improve their operations.

Emphasizing customer experience encourages an ongoing commitment to improvement. Companies actively seek feedback and adjust their processes to address customer concerns and evolving needs.

By offering efficient and effective customer support, companies can reduce the number of customer service inquiries and complaints, leading to lower support costs over time.

Satisfied customers are more receptive to additional offerings and recommendations. Improving customer experience can lead to increased success in cross-selling and upselling efforts.

Exceptional customer experiences can create emotional connections between customers and the brand. These emotional bonds lead to stronger relationships and a higher likelihood of customer advocacy.

A positive customer experience often goes hand in hand with a positive work environment. When employees see the impact of their efforts on customers’ lives, it can boost their job satisfaction and motivation.

Customer Experience Feature

Customer Self Service

Many Cloudfy clients believe that allowing their customers to have a self-service solution is as important as being able to place an order online. To that end, we’ve created a full self-service management system.


Cloudfy is a fully hosted solution and hosting is provided within the ongoing monthly fee. Cloudfy is hosted in global ISO27001 compliant data centers offering the highest levels of performance and availability, 24/7.

Inventory Status Indicator

Inventory status indicators let your customers know in real time how much stock is available. The ability to share your inventory with your stock-sensitive wholesale clients is a crucial factor in helping you meet or exceed your customers’ needs.

Responsive design

Based on a choice of design templates that is constantly expanded, the platform offers you the full capability to change color, font, style and manage all content, so it easily reflects your brand.

Optimized B2B ecommerce

Catering to the specific needs of B2B companies, and with 4 major updates released each year, you can enjoy a competitive advantage as we’re constantly improving the platform..


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