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B2B Ecommerce Portal for Fashion & Apparel Industry

Simplify, save & scale your manufacturing or distribution business with ERP integration, automation & client self-service tools

B2B Fashion Wholesale

Best-in-Class B2B Ecommerce Portal for Food & Beverage Industry

The fashion world is always on the move — and now more than ever. As a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler of apparel or accessories, you want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to get a hold of your latest goods they need, right when they need it, so their racks of clothing don’t grow stale as new trends take hold.

But you may encounter difficulty meeting your customers at the pace they expect if manual data and order entry is slowing down your team, eroding your precious margins. Order processing and customer service are two areas where you can take back lost margin, with the help of the right solution.

Unfortunately this software is hard to find. Some would say it doesn’t even exist. That’s what we found, and that’s why we started Cloudfy – the best-in-class B2B ecommerce platform for fashion and apparel.

Using Cloudfy starts with integrating your existing ERP. Tap into ecommerce tools you won’t find anywhere else and unleash unexpected efficiencies through newfound features. Let your clients serve themselves, saving you and them time, and allowing them to order at their own leisure. Cut redundant software to reduce licensing fees and save even more by slashing IT and admin costs—funds you can use to scale to more product lines, more marketing, more warehouses and collect payments via more currencies.

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The design of your Cloudfy webstore and app tools is incredibly flexible and offers the ability to very easily modify the look of your static pages, your catalogs and your entire client UX to suit your company's branding guidelines so you can provide your customers a professional and consistent experience across all your touch-points.

Inventory Visibility

With modern supply-chain challenges, now more than ever your clients will appreciate getting the most accurate view of your stock counts, in near real-time, so they can better plan the phases of their seasonal procurement. Cloudfy provides many tools to share your inventory quantities, lead times and more - all fed straight from your ERP.

E-Z Reporting

Your Cloudfy admin portal acts as a central hub where you can monitor the key metrics to your business. At a glance you can immerse yourself in detailed yet intuitive presentations of statistics including but not limited to: bestselling products, stock availability versus commitments, your top customers, order statuses and much more.

Custom Catalogs

Your Cloudfy storefront can be configured to provide different customers access to different product ranges. This custom product catalog feature is just one of many tools you can use to provide your clients a truly personalized user experience whereby you can also dictate which customers see which prices, which promotions, which payment plans, delivery methods and more.

Mobile Ordering Apps

Your customers can use Cloudfy’s client ordering app and its built-in barcode scanner to quickly and easily add products to their shopping cart while on the retail sales floor or back in the stockroom. Users can build up their order by scanning a UPC code on your products, or on the packaging they arrived in, or by performing a regular search in the mobile interface.

Connect to Retailers

If you sell to major retailers, we can build powerful integrations to their ordering systems and supplier networks. Connect with partner back-office systems and allow your preferred vendors to submit wholesale purchase orders in their format of choice (EDI, XML, API and more). What's more, you could populate partner sites with your goods and collect one-off D2C retail orders.

Prebuilt Connections to Major Chains

Tap into Cloudfy’s add-on marketplace, featuring prebuilt connectors to major retailers free of development costs.


Zoggs chose Cloudfy SaaS B2B Ecommerce platform with extended Quote and Sales Agent functionality… Continued

If you’re looking for a comprehensive B2B ecommerce solution to fit the complexities of your fashion or apparel business, contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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