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Get Your Free Guide – 10 Commonly Overlooked But Critical Vetting Questions For Your B2B Ecommerce Software Selection

b2b ecommerce vetting guide with blue cover and magnifying glass

Whether you're choosing your first B2B ecommerce software or you're ready to replatform, the choice you make next will be business-critical.

B2B ecommerce sites now need to deliver much more than just a customer ordering portal. With the right solution your ecommerce platform will now become an essential part of your customer acquisition and retention strategy, and the key to helping your company simplify, save and scale.

But, there are some critically important yet often overlooked questions you need to consider as part of your selection process. Including:

  • What B2B features are pre-built vs need further development?
  • What pre-launch testing takes place?
  • What will the discovery process entail?
  • How are fees charged?
  • And more…

Grab your free copy to find out what are the most crucial, yet commonly overlooked questions you should be asking.

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