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Turn-key B2B Ecommerce Software that Scales as Your Business Grows

Discover the best-in-class, turn-key solution designed to ramp-up as you expand to new markets & process larger order volumes

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If your business has big plans to scale, don’t make the mistake of implementing a solution that can only meet your needs in the near-term. The last thing want to do is a launch a storefront now and have to replatform again in another two years. That approach can end up be a very costly exercise. Instead, you will be best served by a B2B ecommerce platform that is fully prepared to scale with you, at a moment’s notice.

With Cloudfy’s SaaS solution to wholesale commerce, your business will be fully prepared to switch on a host of out-of-the-box features that you’ll need as you reach for new heights, expand to new territories, and especially as you onboard larger clients with more substantial ordering requirements.

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Here is just a sample of some of Cloudfy’s out-of-the-box features designed to help you scale your business fast:

If you plan to grow your business abroad, Cloudfy offers best-in-breed b2b ecommerce features designed to facilitate international sales. Combined with a highly configurable tax engine, Cloudfy provides the flexibility to allow you to add multiple currencies which can be set manually using a site-wide currency calculator, a separate price list or automatically using real-time data once a day. You can also add multiple languages either manually by defining the country and the local content, or dynamically using Google Translate.

As your business grows, you may need to house your inventory in more locations. Cloudfy comes pre-built with multi-warehouse functionality so you can assign different product groups or different customer groups to be associated with different warehouses.

Whether you have plans to go international, or you simply want to provide a custom experience for new enterprise clients you onboard, Cloudfy gives you the ability to easily spin-up new subdomains with custom designs, but based on the same single e-commerce instance and ERP integration.

Like so many companies learned to pivot their business model during the pandemic, your company may have plans to start selling to a whole new type of clientele. In addition to offering the most comprehensive set of B2B ecommerce features on the market, you can also setup your Cloudfy webstore for a D2C model and give your retail customers the ability to checkout like a normal B2C site. Furthermore, you can even setup your Cloudfy shop to accommodate a hybrid model where your wholesale customers login to purchase at their trade-only pricing and retail customers perform a regular guest checkout and pay retail prices – all without the need to setup, host or maintain multiple sites.

Cloudfy comes pre-built with integration to major ERPs. So if you reach a point where you’ve outgrown your initial ERP, and need to integrate with something new, your Cloudfy site will stand ready and able to accommodate.

As you scale and partner with larger and larger clientele, their purchase ordering needs may become more complex. Cloudfy gives you the ability to offer integrated ordering solutions to your larger customers, based on their unique connection requirements – whether that’s AS2 EDI, cXML, API, FTP, Punchout and more.

See for yourself how Cloudfy’s turn-key b2b ecommerce platform can set you up for success as your business grows large. Schedule your free demo now.


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