Simplify and streamline your EDI integration with Cloudfy’s AS2 EDI Integration connector

Cloudfy’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connector enables you to transact with your enterprise-sized customers that still do business in this long-serving data format.

Cloudfy offers direct integration to EDI customers through AS2 using our custom prebuilt plugin extension.

AS2 is the most popular modern way of transporting EDI data securely and robustly over the internet. As well as EDI, Cloudfy’s AS2 extension can transport many other file formats using AS2. AS2 creates a secure envelop in which to transport sensitive data using encryption and digital certificates. AS2 users include Walmart, Asda, Ocado.

Cloudfy provide AS2 EDI connectivity through this Cloudfy extension, as well as consulting services to implement direct customer AS2 EDI connections.

Cloudfy EDI includes all EDIFACT message types configured as per your requirements. Cloudfy is able to take EDI formatted invoices, purchase orders, shipment confirmations and more and pass them back and forth to your customers.

Set your business up for future success by choosing a platform like Cloudfy that can transact in the often-preferred data format of your largest prospects.

Need AS2 EDI as part of your B2B ecommerce platform? Our ecommerce experts are on hand to discuss integrating this key component today.

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