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Best-In-Class B2B Ecommerce Software for Healthcare Product Distributors & Manufacturers

Automate your order processing, lower your costs & provide a UX that your clients will love

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As a manufacturer or distributor of healthcare products, whether they be hospital equipment, beauty treatments, vitamins, medical devices or pharmaceuticals, you have seen a rapid rise in digital engagement across your sector. Your organization needs to be resilient and agile to meet the growing demand for improved access to your products and transparency throughout your business. Security, competition, and bottlenecks in your supply chain are all adding to the challenges you face.

Yours is a dynamic industry sector so you need reliable and robust systems and processes to stay ahead of your competitors. At the same time, you must have the flexibility to innovate while improving efficiency, reducing costs and planning for growth. Finding ways to improve order processing and customer self-service is now essential to achieve these ends.

You can prepare for the future with a solution like Cloudfy – the best-in-class B2B ecommerce software for healthcare product manufacturers and distributors. Your business can benefit from self-service customer ordering, mobile apps, and client connectors to help improve your operations. What’s more, if you sell your products directly to consumers as well, your Cloudfy B2B portal also has the ability to simultaneously function as a D2C storefront.

See for yourself how Cloudfy’s deep functionality can help you simplify, save and scale your business. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary demo.

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Key Features for Suppliers of Healthcare Products

With Cloudfy’s out-of-the-box client ordering app, you can make it easier than ever for your retail client partners to order your products while they are walking through their aisles or warehouse, performing their routine stock-taking duties.

With Cloudfy’s mobile app for sales reps, you can give your people in the field instant access to product data, stock levels and customer-specific pricing. Works on or offline — perfect for visiting pharmacies, doctors or attending medical conventions.

With serialized inventory and order management tools, you can easily establish and track critical information like batch numbers, expiration dates and more.

Give your customers the ability to easily view, print and download key product safety information right inside their client portal.

Whatever your most complex need happens to be, we’re up for the challenge!

Explore the top B2B ecommerce solution for healthcare suppliers. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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Prebuilt Connections to Major Chains

Tap into Cloudfy’s add-on marketplace, featuring prebuilt connectors to major pharmacies free of development costs.


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