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B2B Ecommerce Portal for Healthcare

Automate your order processing, lower your costs & provide a UX that your clients will love

B2B Ecommerce Portal for Healthcare Products

Best-In-Class B2B Portal for Healthcare

Healthcare is exploding online, demanding seamless connections and crystal-clear transparency. Are you struggling to keep up? Cloudfy, the reigning B2B ecommerce champion for healthcare, is here to transform your operations. From hospital equipment to vitamins, simplify everything with intuitive self-service ordering, empowering mobile apps, and streamlined client connectors. Plus, reach consumers directly with our optional D2C features. Schedule your free demo today and navigate the healthcare revolution with Cloudfy!

B2B Ecommerce software for Medical Devices Industry
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Key Features for Suppliers of Healthcare Products

Customer Ordering App

With Cloudfy's out-of-the-box customer ordering app, you can make it easier than ever for your retail client partners to order your products while they are walking through their aisles or warehouse, performing their routine stock-taking duties. This app offers a seamless experience for both parties involved in the purchasing transaction.

Mobile Solutions for Field Sales Reps

With Cloudfy’s mobile app for sales reps, you can give your people in the field instant access to product data, stock levels and customer-specific pricing. Works on or offline - perfect for visiting pharmacies, doctors or attending medical conventions. It deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive business growth.

Serialized Stock Control

With serialized inventory and order management tools, you can easily establish and track critical information like batch numbers, expiration dates and more. Serialized stock control involves assigning a unique serial number to each individual unit of a product, allowing for precise tracking and management throughout its lifecycle.

Product Safety Data Download

Give your customers the ability to easily view, print and download key product safety information right inside their client portal. his feature is designed to streamline the process of obtaining crucial safety data associated with various products, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering a safer working environment.


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