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B2B Ecommerce Platform for Packaging and Logistics

More and more packaging and logistics companies are increasing their business to business (B2B) online sales. Whether you’re a niche packaging manufacturer or a global logistics provider you can simplify, save and scale your operations with Cloudfy. With purpose designed ecommerce features for complex sales you’ll reduce costs and improve customer service.

Cloudfy B2B ecommerce platform for packaging and logistics

Your B2B ecommerce solution for the packaging and logistics sectors

B2B companies are adapting their supply chains to respond more quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements.

Across the packaging and logistics sectors it’s important to take full advantage of the latest technology. Customers are increasingly comfortable making high value purchases of US$500,000 or even US$1million in a single online transaction. You won’t want to miss these opportunities!

At Cloudfy we understand that purpose designed B2B ecommerce features improve planning, coordination, and fulfillment. When everything works together seamlessly you’ll coordinate with customers more easily so everything happens on time.

Adaptability, agility, and responsiveness to meet buyer expectations while remaining cost-effective are key requirements. When you integrate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and your B2B ecommerce platform you’ll simplify and streamline your operations. You’ll reduce errors and boost sales.

Increasingly, purchasing decisions are based on how well you meet your buyers’ needs and expectations. An effective B2B ecommerce solution helps you win the race to balance costs and service quality across your whole business. End to end inventory visibility and order tracking, security and high quality service are minimum requirements. When your B2B ecommerce platform is at the heart of your operations this is achieved with ease.

Simplify, save and scale your packaging and logistics operations

Essential apps

Cloudfy comes with a customer ordering app so your buyers can order anywhere at any time. They can even scan a QR code or bar code from their smartphone to add to their list of purchases. Along with the field sales representative app your sales professionals can showcase your latest products and complete orders on the go.

Streamlined processes

Business system integration means you don’t have to worry about data silos any more. You’ll have a single source of accurate and reliable information. Your online orders are passed seamlessly to your ERP, accounts and warehouse teams. You can include radio frequency identification (RFID), sensors and internet of things (IoT) devices.

Inventory visibility

Agility and resilience are essential and technology provides solutions. Harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to generate predictive models. You can adapt to disruptions more easily and maintain smooth operations. You’ll reduce risk by providing inventory visibility across all your operations in near real time via your online customer portal.


Powerful B2B ecommerce features simplify quote workflows and multi-level order approval processes. You can collect all the details you need from your buyers to produce accurate quotes. Approval processes are easy to set up to meet all your customers’ procurement requirements. Make the ordering process simpler by combining Cloudfy with popular e-procurement software.


Across the packaging and logistics sectors robotics and automation are evolving every year. It makes sense to use the same principles to automate your sales order processing too. You can immediately update your storage and retrieval systems with the latest order information. Picking, packing and fulfilment are streamlined and customers can track consignments online wherever they are.

International sales

Multi-storefront functionality allows you to meet the needs of different audiences at home and abroad. It’s easy to manage multiple stores from a single platform and display relevant products with local languages, pricing and currencies. Synchronizing and maintaining multiple sites, inventory, and business processes couldn’t be easier.


Global logistics provider UPS chose Cloudfy as the B2B ecommerce solution to streamline pharmaceutical product distribution across Europe. They needed to launch quickly, scale rapidly and integrate with their backend distribution systems. Above all they wanted plenty of high quality pre-built B2B ecommerce features.

Customers of all sizes can now benefit from online self-service via the ecommerce ordering portal or through direct B2B integration. UPS continues to work with healthcare providers and life sciences companies to optimize their supply chains and maintain compliance. Read More


Florida based A.E. Global supplies packaging solutions to cannabis distributors who then sell their goods to retail stores and other outlets.

Discover how a leading cannabis packaging supplier transformed its business operations by launching an advanced invoice payment portal integrated with NetSuite. This case study highlights the challenges faced, the innovative solutions provided by Cloudfy, and the significant benefits realized. Read More


Find out how Cloudfy’s B2B ecommerce solution helps you simplify, scale and save money across your packaging and logistics operations.


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