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Best-In-Class B2B Ecommerce Software for Growing Wholesalers

Simplify, save & scale your wholesale operation by automating ordering processes and empowering your clients with self-service features

Best Ecommerce Platform for Wholesale

For growing wholesale businesses, you know how difficult it can be to juggle your outgoing orders you send to your manufacturing and distribution partners with all the incoming purchase orders you receive from your various retailer clients. Without a cohesive way to manage the flood of transactions, it could cost your business a lot of time and money dealing with all the data entry and customer support that comes along with it. Your time is better spent sourcing new goods from your distribution partners and establishing relationships with new retail channels.

And shifting your order processing online is obviously central to running a more efficient operation. The challenge you’ll likely encounter is that most b2b wholesale ecommerce platform provide few features to deal with your complex wholesale use-cases: customer specific pricing, on-account payment options, EDI processing, etc… There’s got to be a better way!

And there is – Cloudfy is truly the best-in-class B2B ecommerce software for wholesalers like you. It’s a SaaS solution with an unrivaled set of trade-only features that you’ll need as your business grows large – all packaged together in a simple, affordable and scalable one-stop-shop, complete with deep ERP integration.

Your Cloudfy b2b wholesale  ecommerce platform automates your P.O. processing and empowers your clients to perform more self-service tasks, freeing up your employees so they can spend more time focused on what’s important… growing your business!

B2B Ecommerce for Wholesalers
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Customer Specific Catalogs

Your Cloudfy webstore gives you the ability to offer truly personalized user experiences to your clientele. You can define customer groups and control what information is shared with specific customers. Whether it’s products, promotions, prices or content, Cloudfy can help you specifically target and share the right information with the right customer.

Done-for-You Integration

The Cloudfy platform comes pre-built with integration to popular ERP softwares, so launching your connected ecommerce portal is as simple as a routine configuration task (done by Cloudfy). Plus, our talented team can very easily connect your new ordering portal to your other back-office softwares as well: WMS, TMS, PIM, VMS, CRM and more.


If you act as the go-between to collect the orders, and use third parties to warehouse and dropship the products on your behalf, you can configure your Cloudfy shop to forward orders to your designated supplier. You could make this option only available for certain customers if need be. Plus, you can designate quantity thresholds (pallet vs case vs single item) for dropship.

D2C Configurations

If you plan to sell both B2B and D2C, your Cloudfy site makes it easy. You could either launch a hybrid site where trade-only clients login for trade-only pricing while consumers perform a guest checkout. Or you could launch a multi-site configuration. Either scenario uses a single Cloudfy instance so you can simplify your IT and save money in the process.

Integrated Ordering

Cloudfy gives you the ability to offer integrated ordering solutions to your larger clients, based on their unique connection requirements – whether that's EDI, XML, API, FTP, Punchout and more. Additionally, the integration can also work in reverse to populate your partners' systems and storefronts with your products and your stock counts in near real-time.

Lead Time Visibility

Since Cloudfy integrates with your ERP, when your clients login to your shop, you can provide them supply chain visibility into your lead times – helping your customers better navigate stretched supply chains and thus boosting customer satisfaction, retention, and sales! What’s more, you can provide granular-level detail about both delivery and picking times.


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See for yourself how Cloudfy can help you simplify, save and scale your wholesale business. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary demo.


Your Cloudfy setup comes complete with a rich slate of automation tools and customer self-service features designed to minimize the reliance on your staff for routine tasks. Less admin burden, simpler IT stack, and smoother customer experiences - all out-of-the-box in a fast, turn-key setup.

Core Benefits - Simplify

Save $$$

Boost your bottom line by lowering your IT costs and reducing your admin expenses. Cloudfy's automation tools can slash your processing costs and eliminate multiple software licenses. Plus, you benefit from the IT savings of a done-for-you SaaS solution over pricey in-house development.

Core Benefits - Save


Your Cloudfy solution includes the premier slate of b2b ecommerce features for multi-national distribution that can be switched on as your business scales and your needs adapt: EDI ordering, Punchout, Multi-Store Configurations, Multi-Warehousing, Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual and so much more.

Core Benefits - Scale
Core Benefits - Simplify Core Benefits - Save Core Benefits - Scale

ERP Integration

Cloudfy comes out-of-the-box with pre-built ERP integrations so launching your connected ecommerce webstore is just a simple, routine configuration task. This turn-key dynamic expedites your time-to-launch and keeps your setup and maintenance costs way down.

The Biggest Challenges for B2B eCommerce Businesses.

Discover How Cloudfy Can Help Your B2B eCommerce Business to Overcome



Streamline your operation, improve customer satisfaction and accelerate your quote-to-cash cycle by giving your clients their own easy-access portal to tackle any-and-all routine requests including:
Customer Self Service

Complex Requirements? Bring it on!


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Complex Requirements? Bring it on!


Featured Case Studies


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