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B2B Ecommerce Portal for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Distributors

Industry-best toolset to automate your order processing, lower costs & enhance the user experience for your pharmacist, doctor & patient clientele

B2B Ecommerce Portal for Pharmaceutical Industry

Best-In-Class B2B Portal for Pharmaceutical Industry

Cloudfy, the best B2B ecommerce platform for pharmaceuticals, tackles your complex regulations, security, and supply chain hurdles. Automate order processing, integrate seamlessly with your ERP, and scale your business with ease. Empower everyone with user-friendly web catalogs, mobile apps, and self-service portals. Manage serialized stock, enforce quantity limits, and handle restricted products effortlessly. See how Cloudfy optimizes your operations – schedule your free demo today!

B2B Ecommerce Software for Pharmaceutical Industry
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Key Features for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Distributors

Serialized Stock Management

Your Cloudfy ordering portal includes serialized inventory and order management tools for medicines with a limited shelf-life. Effective inventory management ensures seamless production processes, timely deliveries, and optimal resource allocation.

Mobile Solutions for Field Sales Reps

Whether they’re visiting pharmacies, doctors’ offices, hospitals or attending conventions, empower your people in the field with the mobile sale rep app for tablets — giving them instant access to product data, stock levels and customer-specific catalogs and pricing.

Product Safety Data Download

Provide customers with up-to-date information, and allow them to view, download and print product data and safety information. This functionality enables authorized users to securely access and download safety data sheets (SDS) and other critical product safety information.

Subscription Ordering

If your clients need a set-it-and-forget-it feature to trigger recurring deliveries for their clients or clinics, they can make use of Cloudfy's powerful subscription ordering functionality. It enhances operational efficiency, drives customer satisfaction, and fosters long-term relationships


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If you’re in need of a robust B2B ecommerce solution that’s best suited for the complexities of your pharmaceutical business, contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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