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Inventory Management Tools - Ecommerce Inventory Software - Automate Your Inventory Now!

Efficient B2B Ecommerce Inventory Management

Ecommerce Inventory Software - Automate Your Inventory Now!

Effective inventory management is vital for the success of your B2B ecommerce platform, especially if you run a complex wholesale distribution business. With supply chain challenges on the rise, having a reliable and user-friendly inventory management system is crucial to adjust inventory counts and share them with stock-sensitive wholesale clients quickly. Failure to do so can lead to stagnation, or worse, loss of growth opportunities.

However, most popular shopping cart platforms are designed for B2C businesses and do not offer out-of-the-box capabilities for inventory customization. Even B2B-branded solutions may not provide enough flexibility to cater to complex inventory needs.

Thankfully, Cloudfy’s B2B ecommerce software provides best-in-class, feature-rich inventory management solutions for complex inventory management needs. With Cloudfy, you can easily adjust counts, set up thresholds, enable back-ordering, and receive automatic push notifications when products are back in stock.

To better serve your existing clientele and expand your business, it is essential to provide customers with an accurate picture of your available goods at the time of purchase. Cloudfy’s customizable inventory indicators allow you to do just that. With Cloudfy, you can rest assured that your inventory is under control, and your customers receive the best possible service.


Pre vs. Post-Login

In your Cloudfy settings, you will have the ability to differentiate what information shoppers see before vs. after login. If you don’t want your competitors to see how much stock you have available, you can easily hide your numbers from public view.

Color Indicators

Like a traffic light system, you can color-code the display to show your customers a high-level view of your stock. Red indicates out-of-stock, yellow is low, and green signals ample stock. You may also upload your own icons to customize your ecommerce storefront to fit your brand.


You can set the out-of-stock threshold at the level that works best for your business and your customers. If you never want to dip below X items left in-stock, you can set the out-of-stock message or red traffic light icon to appear when you have just X items left and conserve the remainder.

Back In Stock Alerts

Back In Stock Alerts

If your customers are stock sensitive, and urgently need your products the very moment the items become available, they will benefit greatly from back-in-stock push-notifications in their  customer ordering app to alert them that the item(s) in their wish list are ready for reordering. A similar email notification is also available as an out-of-the-box feature. Not only is this alert system extremely beneficial to your clients, it also helps to improve efficiencies in your own business by cutting down on the barrage of incoming client phone calls and email inquiries – “Do you have [insert item here] back in stock yet?

Lead Time Visibility

Because your Cloudfy webstore integrates with your ERP, when your clients login to your shop, you can provide them supply chain visibility into your lead times – helping your customers better navigate stretched supply chains and thus boosting customer satisfaction, retention, and sales! What’s more, you can provide granular-level detail about both delivery and even picking times.

Lead Time Visibility
Back Ordering & Pre-Order Options

Back Ordering & Pre-Order Options

Your Cloudfy site gives you the option to enable backorders and pre-orders for your clients. You may elect to activate this feature for only certain products or product groups. Or you can restrict the capability to certain customers or customer groups. Or you could even setup a hybrid scenario combining both customer and product rules together.

What’s more, you can designate a certain calendar window during which these orders are available, and automatically shutdown the functionality after the designated expiration date.

If you’re a distributor of either perishable goods, digital downloads, expiring products or warranty-applicable items, you know it can be ever-more challenging to constantly generate, apply and manage countless serialized license numbers for each of your client’s wholesale orders. Cloudfy gives you the ability to easily assign unique license numbers to your clients’ wholesale orders, whether tangible products or digital downloads. 


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