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Best-In-Breed Mobile Ordering App for Your B2B Clients to Easily Submit P.O.s On-the-go

Convenient, mobile restocking tool for your busy wholesale clients - complete with inventory alerts, barcode scanning and more

employee using tablet to do stocktaking in warehouse

Cloudfy’s customer ordering app makes it easier than ever for your B2B clients to re-order your wholesale products in a convenient process that empowers your customers, reduces your expenses and increases your sales. This native mobile app works on both iOS and Android.

In conjunction with the client ordering portal, your client app will also sync with your ERP software to display each client’s unique trade-only pricing, product range, order history and more.


Check Real-Time Inventory

Provide your customers real-time visibility into your company's inventory levels so you can give your stock-sensitive clients the assurance that the merchandise they need is available when they need it, and provide supply-chain status insights for your clients.

Order Any Time, Anywhere

Whether your clients are in their warehouse, their stock room, their retail floor, or lying in bed, the Cloudfy app gives your customers the convenience to order your goods any time, anywhere, without being tied to their desk. Without having file outdated P.O. forms.

Work Offline

For your clients with spotty internet outside their office, they can sync your product catalog and inventory ahead of time. Then perform their inventory responsibilities away from their office, add items to their cart, and submit their order once back online.

Back In Stock Alerts

If your customers are stock sensitive, and urgently need your products the very moment the items become available, they will benefit greatly from back-in-stock push-notifications that popup on their device to alert them that the item(s) in their wish list are ready for reordering. Not only is this alert system extremely beneficial to your clients, it also helps to improve efficiencies in your own business by cutting down on the barrage of incoming client phone calls and email inquiries – “do you have this [item] back in stock yet?
back in stock push notification

Increased Brand Engagement

The Cloudfy client ordering app is designed for efficient browsing and buying, and it’s a perfect way to get more of your customers engaged with your brand. Think of it this way: every download of your app is now a valuable marketing resource that can boost your sales over the long term.

Customized Promotions

You can easily run promotional campaigns through the Cloudfy client ordering app. A well-placed advertisement or push notification can grab your buyers’ attention and provide them the ability to access content and respond quickly to your offer. What’s more, you can make promotions specific to certain customers or customer groups, or limited to certain product ranges as well.
app notification
barcode order picking

Barcode Ordering

Your customers can easily add products to their cart and quickly build up an extensive order by using the camera on their smartphone or tablet, accessed through the Cloudfy app, to scan any barcodes on the side of your products, or on the boxes they’re shipped in, or stickered on to their storage or retail shelves so they know exactly what to replenish.

What's More

Checkout the Cloudfy client ordering app for yourself and see easy it can be your customers to order more of your goods, more often! Contact us now to request your free demo.


Done-for-you ERP Integration

Cloudfy comes pre-built with integrations to many major ERP systems, so launching your connected ecommerce webstore is just a routine configuration task (done by Cloudfy), not a big scoping and development project you’d otherwise have to hire a 3rd party for. This turn-key dynamic keeps your costs low and expedites your time-to-launch. All Integrations >