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Reduce Your I.T. & Admin Costs with this Turn-key Ecommerce Software for B2B Sales

Cloudfy's SaaS shopping cart solution helps you simplify and save, cutting your costs and improving your bottom-line.

Cost Reduction Strategies with Cloudfy

Enhance B2B Sales with Cost-Cutting Ecommerce Solution

Your costs to manage a complex B2B ecommerce operation can add up quick and may prove heavy on pocket. Fortunately Cloudfy’s all-in-one solution can help you simplify and save by lowering your I.T. costs, reducing admin expenses and boosting your bottom line.

Cloudfy’s SaaS shopping cart solution provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform tailored specifically for B2B sales, helping businesses significantly reduce their IT and administrative overhead. By leveraging the power of the cloud, Cloudfy eliminates the need for expensive on-premises infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, allowing companies to allocate resources more efficiently.

With features such as inventory management, order processing, and customer relationship management seamlessly integrated into the platform, businesses can optimize their operations, reduce manual tasks, and improve overall productivity. As a result, Cloudfy empowers organizations to enhance their bottom line by cutting costs while delivering a superior B2B ecommerce experience to their customers.

Reduce Your I.T. Costs with Cloudfy


If it’s costing you way too much to sustain your B2B ecommerce stack, you may be able to slash your I.T. expenditure significantly with Cloudfy’s cost-effective SaaS platform as follows:

Cloudfy makes it easy for your order entry team to submit orders straight through their Cloudfy portal instead of ERP. Also, your accounts receivable personnel can access client invoices right through the portal. And your customer service team can track orders through the portal too. So you could save lots of money by eliminating so many of those expensive ERP user licenses because your team can perform many of the same functions right through Cloudfy’s dashboard, which is fully integrated with your ERP and pulling in all the relevant data they need. And Cloudfy has no such user license fees. Just one flat monthly fee for hosting and support.

With Cloudfy your hosting, support and upgrades are all bundled into one low-cost monthly service fee. You’ll never need to shell out additional money for a quick fix or software upgrade.

Unlike other b2b ecommerce solutions, Cloudfy comes pre-built with integration with major ERPs. There’s no need to pay separate license and hosting fees for a connector. In fact, if you run a separate D2C ecommerce website, you could use Cloudfy as the hub to your ERP for that site too and eliminate the cost to support a second piece of software.

With Cloudfy’s multi-storefront functionality you can meet the needs of multiple audiences, support your plans for international growth, and promote specific products to different market sectors, all based on a single B2B ecommerce instance.

Both the Customer ordering app and Salesperson app are included in your flat monthly fee. No need to pay a separate fee for design, construction, maintenance, hosting or updating these bundled apps.


Cloudfy can help you reduce your costly administrative overhead, freeing up your people and your budget so you can devote more of both to more profitable revenue-generating sales and marketing initiatives. Enjoy savings in the following areas:

Repetitive manual order entry is a costly, low-value business task. With Cloudfy, you can automate your purchase order intake process. Client orders get fed straight to your ERP – no data entry required.

Streamline your operation, improve customer satisfaction and accelerate collections by giving your clients a place to view, print, and even pay all their outstanding invoices 24/7. Customers can visit the invoice payment portal to tackle all these sort of requests for which you’d otherwise have to hire additional accounting or admin staff to handle it.

Cloudfy gives your customers the ability to login to their portal to obtain all sorts of ERP-stored documents and media so your clients no longer have to run these requests through your salespeople or admin staff. Through their dashboard, your clients can download product images, brochures, assembly instructions, contracts, warranties and whatever other sort of documents you want to provide them, pulled straight from your ERP.

If manual data entry is your team’s default method for purchase order intake, you’re likely producing far too many costly errors, returns and upset customers – all of which can be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated outright with Cloudfy’s automated order processing and workflows. Read More

Are rising costs in IT and administration hindering your B2B sales potential?

Cloudfy offers a cost-effective ecommerce solution tailored for B2B businesses. Our all-in-one SaaS platform reduces IT expenses, cuts down on administrative overhead, and enhances operational efficiency, freeing up resources to boost your bottom line. Enjoy built-in ERP connectors, automated order processing, and much more—allowing you to focus on growth without the financial strain. Switch to Cloudfy and start saving today!

Find out for yourself how Cloudfy can help you reduce expenses and boost your bottom line. Request your free demo now.


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