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Inventory and Logistics Feature | Cloudfy

  • Inventory Indicators
  • Inventory Management
  • Serialized Inventory & Order Management Tools
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Product Search and Filtering
  • Back in stock Alerts
Inventory and Logistics Feature for your B2B Ecommerce Store

B2B Empowerment Through Inventory and Logistics Feature

Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce platform provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their inventory, logistics, and shipment processes streamlined and efficient. This includes a range of features that allow businesses to easily track and  manage their inventory, automate their logistics and shipment processes, and improve their overall supply chain management. 

inventory management in logistics

Feature Spotlight

Inventory Indicators

Like a traffic light system, you can color-code the display to show your customers a high-level view of your stock. Red indicates out-of-stock, yellow is low, and green signals ample stock. You may also upload your own icons to customize your ecommerce storefront to fit your brand.

  • Pre vs. Post-Login Customization: Tailor what shoppers see before and after login in Cloudfy’s settings.
  • Color-Coded Indicators: Red indicates out-of-stock, yellow is low, and green signals ample stock.
  • Flexible Thresholds: Set your desired out-of-stock threshold, displaying the appropriate message.

Read more about Inventory indicators and management tools.

Benefits of Inventory and Logistics Feature

Customize what customers see pre and post-login, safeguarding sensitive data.

Color-coded indicators resembling traffic lights offer swift stock status understanding.

Customize icons to match your brand’s aesthetics and identity.

Set out-of-stock thresholds to trigger timely messages or icons, aiding effective inventory control.

Provide quick stock information and maintain customer satisfaction.

Shield vital stock data from competitors while showcasing relevant information.

Keep customers informed with accurate stock availability indicators.

Preserve inventory by setting dynamic thresholds for low stock warnings.

multi-channel ecommerce inventory management


Inventory Management

With Cloudfy, you can easily adjust counts, set up thresholds, enable back-ordering, and receive automatic push notifications when products are back in stock.

Serialized Inventory & Order Management Tools

Cloudfy gives you the ability to easily assign unique license numbers to your clients’ wholesale orders, whether tangible products or digital downloads.

Reports & Analytics

Cloudfy reporting can be configured to provide further insights as required. Integration into Google Analytics and Microsoft Power BI is also provided as standard.

Product Search and Filtering

Cloudfy allows customers to find what they need faster with our predictive search and filtering by product titles, SKUs, descriptions, and EAN numbers. You can also view the search results and terms in the CMS and further fine-tune your search by linking search terms to products.

Back in stock Alerts

If your customers are stock sensitive, and urgently need your products the very moment the items become available, they will benefit greatly from back-in-stock push-notifications in their mobile client ordering app to alert them that the item(s) in their wish list are ready for reordering.


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