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Sales Representative Person App

Cloudfy’s Sales Representative App empowers your sales team to deliver deals more quickly. It provides instant access to product information and improves customer service. Your sales representatives don’t need a dozen different apps on their smartphones. With Cloudfy’s app they have everything they need to:
  • integrate with Cloudfy's B2B online ordering and your enterprise (ERP) system.
  • streamline ordering processes
  • increase productivity.

Sales Representative Person App

Cloudfy Sales Representative Person App

Say ‘goodbye’ to printed catalogs and multi-part order forms and ‘hello’ to digital efficiency. Cloudfy’s Sales Representative App boosts B2B sales with all the latest tools for easy ordering and improved customer service.

Personalized catalogs Inventory visibility Easy quotes and orders Immediate customer registration
Updates to customer records Problem-free offline working Sales performance reporting Increased efficiency
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Empower your field sales representatives with superior B2B functionality

Personalized Catalogs

Your buyers want to find what they need quickly. Cloudfy's Sales Representative App allows your team to help them do just that. You can organize your products into customer-specific catalogs to meet their needs and provide personalized experiences.

Capture orders and quotes remotely

Whether visiting customers on site or at a trade show, speed and efficiency are important. The Sales Representative App makes it easy to capture clients' orders and generate quote requests. All the information goes straight to your central office to process and confirm.

Registering new customers

In a competitive market you won’t want to delay signing up new customers. A slow paper-based process with inevitable delays doesn’t create the best impression. Instead, you can simplify the process with easy steps on a smartphone or tablet device. Your team can register new clients on the spot and take orders for immediate processing with built in signature capture.

Updating your records

Don’t waste time while your sales reps transcribe notes from their customer visits into your back office systems. Even more importantly, don’t lose valuable up-to-the-minute information. Instead, make sure conversations with leads and customers are accurately recorded straight away. Cloudfy's in-app note keeping is synchronized with the records in your ERP or customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Working offline

When you’re in the field you can’t rely on a good internet connection. With Cloudfy's Sales Representative App that’s not a problem. You can still complete in-person deals even without a connection. Your team members can synchronize critical data in advance and work offline with confidence. They can capture orders and generate quote requests for processing as soon as they're back online.

Real-time Data Analysis with Reporting
Reporting Feature in Cloudfy Sales Person App

Reliable reporting

The App’s reporting features give your sales reps valuable insights into their sales performance. They can see reports based on items, brands, locations, orders and their own overall sales performance. Wherever they are they can see trends, opportunities and areas for improvement. When they can easily see the latest and most accurate information they can make informed decisions to improve performance.

Digital efficiency

Printed catalogs are quickly out of date, especially for your fast-moving B2B ranges. With the Sales Representative App your field sales team will always have the latest information in high definition on their tablet devices. They’ll know what’s available for immediate purchase and can give valuable advice on lead times and alternative options.

Product Listings in Digital Catalog
Easily scroll between products with the swipe of a finger.
Customer Record Management

Convention Perfection

Setting up and tearing down for trade shows is difficult enough. Thanks to the Cloudfy Sales Rep app, you can eliminate the need for printed catalogs and paper orders forms from your logistical check-list. The app carries all the catalog and ordering materials you need. Plus, access your customer records and sign-up new customers on the spot. Onboarding expedited!

A CRM Right In Your Pocket

Armed with the Cloudfy field sales app, your reps can make the most of their customers interactions by accessing critical client details from the road. CRM data points include customer records, customer notes, personnel, order history, account balances, recently viewed products and more.

Seamless Data Access in Mobile CRM
Search client records. Take notes on your customer interactions.
Streamlined Ordering Process
Signature capture built in. Always be closing!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Streamline ordering, reduce errors, expedite on-boarding, shorten fulfillment time, improve communication, reduce data entry, and ultimately close more deals in less time thanks to all the efficiencies the Cloudfy app offers your sales reps out in the field.

What's More

Customer-Specific Catalogs in Sales Rep App
Cloudfy Paroh case study showcasing seamless ecommerce integration for improved business performance

Case study: Paroh

Paroh is a global importer and distributor supplying many of the UK’s most successful retailers. They also have their own core products and brands and source and develop products for their customers’ own-label requirements.

 The company chose Cloudfy to launch the next phase of its online trade operations, integrated with SAP Business One. Cloudfy‘s pre-built connector provided full integration of stock, orders, product data, pricing and customer information.

Paroh uses Cloudfy’s Sales Representative App so their field sales team can showcase their comprehensive catalog and manage mobile ordering. Their interactive catalog is delivered on iPads for real time customer service and order processing.

Sales Representative Person App: FAQ's

The top challenge of mobile sales is limited access to real-time product information. It’s also difficult to capture and manage customer data on the go. Manual data entry using paper-based forms is slow and can lead to errors. The alternative is seamless coordination between mobile and desktop sales processes with Cloudfy’s Sales Representative App.

With a strategic approach you can empower your field sales representatives with a mobile sales app. They can access inventory information in near real time, with catalog updates, integrated CRM tools and streamlined data capture. Location-based features, analytics, security, integration and coordinated communication and collaboration improve customer engagement.

B2B sales teams need mobile sales representative apps for better accessibility, real-time updates, efficiency, improved customer engagement, location-based features, analytics, security, integration, cost savings, and streamlined communication and collaboration.

Make sure your app provides automatic product and stock level updates. Offline usability to synchronize with your back office systems and integration with your ERP and CRM systems are also essential.

Yes. You can reduce the need for manual paperwork and repetitive administrative tasks. Fast and reliable access to product information, stock levels and customer records streamlines the sales process. Ordering is more efficient and your sales team can focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Security to protect sensitive data is an essential requirement. Look for an app that offers data encryption, secure authentication, and compliance with data privacy regulations. Choose a reputable app provider who will regularly update the app to maintain good security.

To successfully implement Mobile Sales Persons solutions, businesses should involve all stakeholders, provide comprehensive training to sales teams, and ensure seamless integration with existing systems. Regular evaluation and feedback gathering will help fine-tune the solution for optimal performance and align with specific business needs.

Yes, the mobile salesperson app can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM or sales software.

See for yourself how the Cloudfy sale rep app can help you close more deals in less time. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary demo.


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