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Reduce Errors In Your P.O. Processing with Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce Software

Discover how you can reduce errors, save money and improve client satisfaction by replacing your manual purchase order entry process with Cloudfy's best-in-breed automation toolset.

B2B Ecommerce Error Reduction Strategies

Say Goodbye to Costly Errors: Automate Purchase Order Processing with Cloudfy

If manual data entry is your company’s default method for purchase order intake, you’re likely producing far too many costly errors, returns and upset customers. Even a simple typos can lead to incorrect orders, shipping delays and dissatisfied clients.

Cloudfy’s best-in-class B2B ecommerce solution automates your purchase order processing responsibilities, thereby reducing errors, saving you money and increasing customer satisfaction. Let the technology do the typing so your team can focus on new sales opportunities instead of complaints, returns and refunds.

Error Elimination Solutions by Cloudfy


Here’s four important ways Cloudfy can help you reduce errors, saving your company time, money and boosting client satisfaction:

When your customers place their purchase orders through your Cloudfy website, or through the customer ordering app, or maybe your salesperson places the order through the sales rep app on a client’s behalf , the request is sent directly to your ERP system. This automated process eliminates the risk that the order gets lost in someone’s email or that someone type and wrong order into your ERP.

Because your Cloudfy b2b webstore connects to your ERP software, the shopping catalog that’s presented to your clients is always populated with your most current selection of products, price points and inventory levels. This real-time dynamic eliminates the chance that orders are ever placed for restricted, discontinued or out-of-stock items.

Your more complex products might have hundreds of possible variations and configurations, which makes it extremely challenging for your team to manually create a detailed specification and accurate pricing. With the help of Cloudfy’s powerful CPQ functionality, you can provide your clients a behavior-guided automated process, with guardrails in place, so the customer can only select a feature package that you’re able to deliver, and is presented with an accurate price in real-time.

Incorrect shipping addresses can be a huge headache for your business and cost you a lot of time and money to get those shipments rerouted. To help put a stop to failed delivery attempts, your customers’ ecommerce checkout can be integrated with address verification tools like ShipperHQ or Data8 to ensure your customers’ delivery address selection is error-free.

See for yourself how Cloudfy can help your business eliminate errors and get your company back more of your time and money. Request your free demo now.


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