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Best-In-Class B2B Ecommerce Software for Growing Distributors

Simplify, save & scale your distribution operation by automating ordering processes and empowering your clients with self-service features

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Distribution businesses face a lot of pressures unique to your sector: massive sales quotas, delicate logistical challenges, strained supply chains, highly competitive contract bidding, and much much more. And so it’s critical that you run a smooth and consistent operation, at profitable margins, to ensure continued acquisition of the biggest and best distribution contracts from your manufacturing partners.

And once you win those big deals, the pressure is on to deliver the sales. Things can get very complicated very fast – especially when it comes to a) efficiently processing all the orders you’ll be inundated with b) integrating all the disparate softwares you’ll need to coordinate the puzzle pieces – your ERP, WMS, TMS, PIM, VMS and more.

What’s more, most ecommerce solutions are not well-suited for these types of challenges. Even many B2B-branded platforms are little more than a B2C base, with a handful of wholesale pricing features and little else.

And then there’s Cloudfy – truly the best-in-class B2B ecommerce software for distributors like you that comes out of the box with the most comprehensive set of trade-only features to help you simplify, save and scale your operation. Cloudfy is your one-stop shop to easily automate your order-to-cash (O2C) process and establish a deep integration between your ordering portal and your ERP – reducing your expenses and boosting your bottom line. Schedule your complimentary demo today.

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Custom Catalogs

If you need to restrict certain items you distribute to certain clientele, your Cloudfy storefront can be configured to determine which retailers, wholesalers or D2C clients can access which product ranges. This custom product catalog feature is just one of many tools you can use to provide your clients a truly personalized user experience.

Done-for-You Integration

Your Cloudfy solution comes pre-built with integration to popular ERP systems, so launching your connected ecommerce platform is as simple as a routine configuration task (done by Cloudfy). Plus, our talented team can very easy connect your new ordering portal to other back-office softwares: WMS, TMS, PIM, VMS, CRM and more.

Multi-Lingual & Currency

If you plan to distribute your goods cross-border, your Cloudfy solution makes it simple to do so with the flexibility to add multiple currencies which you can set manually using a site-wide calculator, a separate price list or automatically using real-time data. You can also add multiple languages either manually or dynamically.

D2C Configurations

If you plan to sell both B2B and D2C, your Cloudfy site makes it easy. You could either launch a hybrid site where trade-only clients login for trade-only pricing while consumers perform a guest checkout. Or you could launch a multi-site configuration. Either scenario uses a single Cloudfy instance so you can simplify your IT and save money in the process.

Integrated Ordering

Cloudfy gives you the ability to offer integrated ordering solutions to your larger clients, based on their unique connection requirements – whether that's EDI, XML, API, FTP, Punchout and more. Additionally, the integration can also work in reverse to populate your partners' systems and storefronts with your products and your stock counts in near real-time.

Multi Warehousing

Your Cloudfy store comes pre-built with powerful multi-warehousing configuration capabilities, powered by your ERP or WMS integration, to give your company all essential tools to efficiently manage multiple physical depots, virtual warehouses, and mobile storage locations. What's more, you can designate pickup locations, manage product ledgers and easily check stock.


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See for yourself how Cloudfy can help your simplify, save and scale your distribution business. Schedule your complimentary demo now.

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tools for the trade

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tools for the trade

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Your Cloudfy setup comes complete with a rich slate of automation tools and customer self-service features designed to minimize the reliance on your staff for routine tasks. Less admin burden, simpler IT stack, and smoother customer experiences - all out-of-the-box in a fast, turn-key setup.

Save $$$

Boost your bottom line by lowering your IT costs and reducing your admin expenses. Cloudfy's automation tools can slash your processing costs and eliminate multiple software licenses. Plus, you benefit from the IT savings of a done-for-you SaaS solution over pricey in-house development.


Your Cloudfy solution includes the premier slate of b2b ecommerce features for multi-national distribution that can be switched on as your business scales and your needs adapt: EDI ordering, Punchout, Multi-Store Configurations, Multi-Warehousing, Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual and so much more.

Done-for-you ERP Integration

Cloudfy comes pre-built with integrations to many major ERP systems, so launching your connected ecommerce webstore is just a routine configuration task. This turn-key dynamic expedites your time-to-launch and keeps your costs low.

Complex Requirements? Bring it on!


Featured Case Studies

Complex Requirements? Bring it on!


Featured Case Studies

Get All the Tools Without All the Hassle

Comparable to a Swiss Army Knife, your Cloudfy-powered webstore provides you the premier slate of b2b ecommerce features you can switch on as your business grows – all bundled together in an easy, fast, scalable one-stop-shop solution. Maybe you’re not ready just yet for advanced features like EDI ordering, invoice portals or mobile apps. But as a fast growing company it’s best to prepare now so you can avoid a costly replatforming project in the not-too-distant future. What’s more, Cloudfy’s ability to integrate with virtually any ERP, CRM, e-procurement platform, 3PL or 3rd party software is second-to-none, allowing you to easily pivot when you inevitably upgrade your back-office software.

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