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Integrated Customer Ordering

Transact in your customers' preferred formats: cXML, Punchout, API and more

EDI Ordering

Set your business up for future success by choosing a platform like Cloudfy that can transact with your different customers based on their unique connection requirements.

If your customers prefer EDI, Cloudfy offers direct integration to EDI customers through AS2 using our custom pre-built plugin extension.

Cloudfy also comes with pre-built extensions for cXML and Punchout in case your your customers prefer to transact with these two common methods.

Furthermore, we’re adept at building bespoke solutions to send information through other means as well: API, excel uploads, FTP, SFTP and more.

Cloudfy’s ordering integrations can be configured as per your requirements to take formatted invoices, purchase orders, shipment confirmations and more and pass them back and forth to your customers.



If you’re looking for custom order integrations with your B2B customers, contact us now to request your free demo.

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