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B2B Ecommerce Portal for Manufacturers & Distributors of Automotive Parts & Products

Cloudfy is a purpose designed business to business (B2B) ecommerce solution for automotive parts & products companies. It provides all the tools you need from enterprise (ERP) system integration to product information management. You can simplify your operations, save money and scale as your auto components distribution business grows.

B2B Ecommerce Software for Automotive Parts & Products

Your B2B online portal for automotive product & parts sales

Are you still struggling with supply chain disruptions? Do you need to improve efficiency and speed up your quote to cash processes?

Cloudfy’s purpose designed B2B ecommerce platform is your answer. In one place you can provide online inventory visibility and automated sales order processing. You’ll minimize manual data entry errors, reduce your IT costs and cut down on software license fees.

B2B Ecommerce for Auto Part Supply
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Pre-built integrations for leading business systems and third-party extensions give you a head start. You can be up and running in just a few weeks rather than months or even years.You will streamline your sales order processes and improve data management and

control. With frictionless online self-service your sales increase and customer satisfaction improves.

As a software as a service (SaaS) solution, Cloudfy easily scales to meet peak demand and to grow with your business. With regular updates delivered in the cloud you won’t have to worry about maintenance either.

Simplify, save and scale your auto components distribution business

Business system integration

Cloudfy comes with with pre-built integrations for leading ERP systems. Your in-house teams and registered customers can easily access essential data about products, orders, account details, inventory, and invoices. Cloudfy also connects with third-party logistics, shipping and payment gateways. The powerful application programming interface (API) makes special customizations easy too.

Document downloads

Once your customers have discovered the convenience of online ordering they’ll soon realize the benefits of easy access to your key product documentation too. Using their simple customer dashboard they can view, print and download all the information they need. Technicians and engineers can access all your specifications, instructions and material makeups at any time.

Product information management

We know your catalog of auto parts and products can grow quickly. That’s why Cloudfy comes with industry-leading product information management (PIM) features. It’s designed to simplify product information management and scale as your stockkeeping unit (SKU) counts grow. You can show your customers custom category menus and provide unique homepages experiences.

Direct to consumer sales

Do your business plans include selling your auto parts and products directly to end users D2C? Cloudfy provides shopping (B2C) components and a guest checkout so you can also offer online retail experiences. Your B2B customers can still login for personalized trade-only procurement. You can do it all without the need to setup, host or maintain separate sites.

Inventory Visibility

Supply chain disruptions are still a big challenge in the auto parts and products sector.You can feed the key details to your Cloudfy site from your enterprise or warehouse management systems or third-party software. The built in inventory management system makes it easy to adjust counts, set thresholds and support back-ordering. You can even send automatic push notifications when products are back in stock.

Multi-language and multi-currency sales

For sales in other countries or regions Cloudfy provides multi-language and multi-currency features. You don’t have to build separate sites for each new location. Combined with a configurable tax engine like TaxJar and a site-wide currency calculator you can flexibly handle international transactions. You can set prices manually, create separate pricing tables or automatically update with real-time data.


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Find how Cloudfy’s B2B ecommerce solution helps you save money and simplify and scale your auto parts and product business.


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