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B2B Ecommerce Portal for Manufacturers & Distributors of Automotive Parts & Products

From ERP integration to PIM tools, your Cloudfy storefront is the ideal solution to help you simplify, save and scale your distribution of auto components

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Best-In-Class B2B Portal for Automotive

Simplify the Electrons, Save, & Scale Big with Cloudfy! Electronics industry chaos got you fried? Cloudfy’s B2B platform is your power-up! Automate tasks, eliminate errors, and ditch hefty software fees. Empower clients with self-service tools, integrate seamlessly, and scale effortlessly. Manage complex components, navigate global trade, and enjoy predictable costs. Schedule your free demo today and let Cloudfy energize your electronics B2B business!

B2B Ecommerce for Auto Part Supply
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Easy Software Integration

Your Cloudfy portal comes pre-built with integration to most popular ERP softwares so you can pass essential data like products, orders, customer records, inventory, invoices and more. Additionally, your Cloudfy site can also connect to practically any WMS, CRM, 3PL, payment gateway, PIM, shipping provider or any other third party software you need with an open API.

Product Detail Downloads

Increase customer self-service habits by giving your clients the ability to view, print and download key product documentation right inside their customer portal so their mechanics and engineers can get easy, 24/7 access to all the fine details they need about your goods (i.e. specs charts, assembly instructions, material makeups, max pressures, etc...)

PIM Functionality

Your Cloudfy site comes out-of-the-box with industry leading product information management (PIM) features, native to the platform but also capable of integrating with your own 3rd party PIM software. Designed to give you the ability to easily manage your product information, deliver personalized experiences, and scale as your SKU counts and your business grows.

D2C Tools

If you're business model changes and you plan to distribute your auto parts D2C at some point down the road, your Cloudfy portal can also act as a retail webstore, complete with all your standard B2C shopping components and guest checkout - while your B2B customers login for their personalized, trade-only experience. Get both approaches without the cost to setup, host or maintain multiple sites.

Inventory Visibility

Given today’s supply chain challenges, now more than ever your clients will appreciate getting the most accurate view of your part counts, in near real-time. Cloudfy gives you a host of methods to present your inventory quantities, lead times and more - all fed straight from your ERP, WMS or other 3rd party software. Your stock-sensitive clients will also appreciate back-ordering and pre-ordering capability.

International Sales

Your Cloudfy site is designed to help you grow your cross-border operation. Combined with a highly configurable tax engine, Cloudfy provides the flexibility to allow you to add multiple currencies which can be set manually using a site-wide currency calculator or a separate pricing table or automatically using real-time data feeds. You can also add multiple languages and setup multiple storefronts.


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If you’re in need of a robust B2B ecommerce solution that’s best suited for the complexities of your auto part supply business, contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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