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Automotive Coating Manufacturer Launches B2B Ecommerce Website with QuickBooks Integration

Automotive Coating Manufacturer Launches B2B Ecommerce Website with QuickBooks Integration

For over 30 years, Hexis has manufactured and distributed self-adhesive vinyl signs, wrap-around films, and UV protective films for vehicles of all sizes. Their customers include auto body shops throughout the United States and Europe.

The Challenge

Previously, Hexis only accepted orders locally in their brick-and-mortar locations. They needed a b2b ecommerce software for manufacturers to provide an online portal to automate orders, streamline their processes, and to offer a means for their clients to adopt more self-service habits.

The Solution

Screenshot of Hexis Website
View their new online portal

Key Ecommerce Features


Hexis uses QuickBooks Enterprise as their ERP system. In order to accept client orders through a new online ordering portal, Hexis needed their new webstore to sync with the product selection, and customer records in their Q.B.E. software. This was easily achieve thanks to Cloudfy’s pre-built integration between our ecommerce software and QuickBooks Enterprise.


Since Quickbooks is more geared towards financials, and has a more limited number of fields for product characteristics than more robust ERPs, businesses like Hexis has the ability to manually upload supplementary product details to their Cloudfy webstore for additional data fields such as product attributes, descriptions, summary breakdowns, and images.


Another out-of-the-box Cloudfy feature is the built-in content management system that Hexis uses to post blogs and provide updated information to their customers about a variety of topics, including a calendar of expos they are attending, product installation guides and new products promotions.


Hexis’ auto-body-shop clientele needed the ability to download and print Hexis’ brochures so the shops could hand out the materials in the store or even email to end-clients on their mailing lists.


By web-enabling their file claim process, Hexis can now accept claims online through a more automated business process. Previously, claims had to be filed in the store. Now, the customer fills out a form online, then receives an email notification that their claim is being processed. This helps eliminate errors and improves customer satisfaction with a system that sends information straight to the claims department and makes the whole process easier for the customers and for the business.

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