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B2B Ecommerce Portal for Medical Device Manufacturers & Distributors

Automate your order processing, lower your costs & provide a UX that your lab, doctor & hospital clientele will love

B2B Ecommerce Portal for Medical Devices Industry

Best-in-Class B2B Portal for Medical Devices

Cloudfy, the go-to B2B ecommerce portal for medical devices, understands the pressure you face: relentless regulations, scientific leaps, and global competition. We empower you to thrive amidst this complexity with unparalleled features like serialized stock management, mobile sales tools, transparent product safety data, and convenient subscription ordering. Don’t be held back by intricate operations – simplify and streamline your medical device B2B business with Cloudfy!

B2B Ecommerce software for Medical Devices Industry
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Key Features for Medical Devices Manufacturers & Distributors

Serialized Stock Management

With serialized inventory and order management tools, you can easily establish and track critical information like batch numbers, expiration dates and more. It provides advanced capabilities for businesses to efficiently manage their inventory by tracking individual items using unique serial numbers.

Mobile Solutions for Field Sales Reps

With Cloudfy’s mobile app for sales reps, you can give your people in the field instant access to product data, stock levels and customer-specific pricing. Works on or offline - perfect for visiting independent doctors, hospitals or attending medical conventions. It empowers sales teams to drive productivity.

Product Safety Data Download

Give your customers the ability to easily view, print and download key product safety information right inside their client portal. This functionality empowers users, typically businesses or organizations, to access essential data pertaining to the safety and compliance of the products.

Subscription Ordering

If your clients need a set-it-and-forget-it feature to trigger recurring deliveries for their clients or clinics, they can make use of Cloudfy’s powerful subscription ordering functionality. Offering businesses a comprehensive solution for managing subscription-based sales.


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Prebuilt Connections to Major Chains

Tap into Cloudfy’s add-on marketplace, featuring prebuilt connectors to major pharmacies free of development costs.


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