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Easily assign unique license numbers to your clients' wholesale orders, whether tangible products or digital downloads

B2B Serialized Inventory and Order Management

Inventory management is a critical and difficult function for any manufacturer or distributor. Additionally, if you’re a seller of either perishable goods, digital downloads, expiring products or warranty-applicable items, you know it can be ever-more challenging to constantly generate, apply and manage countless serialized license numbers for each of your client’s wholesale orders.

To help simplify your IT and automate your business processes, Cloudfy’s best-in-breed, turn-key B2B ecommerce software comes out-of-the-box with a powerful serialized inventory and order management toolset for your B2B sales.

Easy Application of License Keys to Your Client Orders

B2B Serialized Inventory Management
  1. Use your preferred license generation software to create a list of serialized license numbers.
  2. In either your ERP or your Cloudfy admin dashboard, flag your product(s) as “serialized“.
  3. In the Cloudfy admin dashboard, import your table of serialized numbers to the portal.
  4. When your customer places their ecommerce order, Cloudfy will automatically tag the order with the next available license number in the queue.
  5. Because your Cloudfy storefront comes integrated with your ERP, the individual license key for that order is then pushed over to your back-office system.


Quality Control

Maintain quality by tracking items in production using individual item serialization that can be tied back to the product batch. With Cloudfy’s serialized stock order management system, you can easily identify the product, the production date, and/or packaged date.

Product Recalls

Serialization makes it easier for you to recall defective products and mitigate the damage to your brand should such a scenario occur. With serialized stock order management, you and your clients know where each item came from and who to contact about the issue.

Certifying Ownership

Serialized inventory helps with tech products when there is a theft or repair or troubleshoot needed. If a customer wants to return a product and claims it's poor quality, the retailer can ensure it has indeed been purchased from you and not from another wholesale supplier.


Warranties are valid for a specific amount of time, but because products are sold at different times, each product sold will have a different start and end time for its warranty. With serialized stock, you can easily identify whether a product is still under warranty and manage the process of repair or replacement.

Theft Protection

Serial numbers can be used to match the inventory shown in your records to the actual inventory at your warehouse as an anti-theft mechanism. Serialization gives you the full transparency of knowing where your items are along each leg of the supply chain.

To see for yourself how easily you can incorporate a truly robust serialized inventory process into your B2B storefront, contact us now to request your free Cloudfy demo.


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