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Boost Customer Satisfaction & Increase Retention with this Best-in-Class B2B Ecommerce Software

Cloudfy's wholesale ordering toolset brings you a rich set of features to make your supplier-client relationship more sticky and more profitable.

Effective Client Retention Strategies

B2B sales can be a cut-throat business. Your competitors are constantly competing for your clients’ attention and doing whatever they can to woo your customers away from you, putting your long-term viability at risk. Since so many other distributors sell similar goods as you, at similar price points, it’s more important than ever that your business provide your clients with the most efficient, error-free, hassle-free ordering experience, possible to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and increase your Clients retention rate.

Cloudfy’s B2B ecommerce software comes pre-built with a host of features and processes designed to help add further value to your client relationships and win their long-term business.

Customer Engagement Strategies with Cloudfy


Here’s just a few of the many ways Cloudfy can help you boost client satisfaction and improve customer retention:

Filling out purchase order forms can be a costly time consuming process for your clients. Instead, with a Cloudfy webstore, your customers will appreciate the great selection of time-saving, easy-ordering tools including: repeat-order templates, Excel order uploading, a customer ordering app for phones and tablets, EDI, barcode scanning and more.

Given today’s supply chain challenges, more than ever your customers will appreciate getting the most accurate view of your inventory, as close to real-time as possible. Cloudfy gives you a host of methods to provide inventory visibility and offer alerts for new arrivals, all fed straight from your ERP software.

If your order entry process involves someone manually keying all your purchase orders into your ERP, that can lead to a lot costly errors, omissions, returns and upset customers – all of which can be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated outright with Cloudfy’s automated order processing and workflows. Let the technology do the typing so your team can focus on new sales opportunities instead of on returns and complaints.

Thanks to Cloudfy’s personalization tools, your clients will appreciate the fact that their ordering portal truly speaks to their unique needs. Cloudfy gives you the ability to show different products ranges to different customers, or present them with different promotions, or provide them different shopping experiences and even custom-branded urls (a.k.a. multi-site experiences).

In this day and age, there’s no reason your clients’ ability to order from you should be limited to your regular weekday office hours. By giving your clients a B2B ecommerce site where they can place their orders at their leisure, 24/7, they’ll be a lot happier knowing they can get their work done on their schedule.

When your customers can place their orders online, the orders are immediately sent from the Cloudfy site to your ERP (unless you opt for a quote workflow process). By eliminating the need for your admin personnel to manually enter the order into your ERP, your customers benefit from a more rapid turnaround and fulfillment because they no longer have to wait for their order to work its way through a customer service queue or await action in someone’s inbox.

Cloudfy gives your sales reps the ability to walk your customers through an order, add or remove items in their cart, and even place the order on behalf of your customers. This functionality can be very handy when:

  • Your client is out-in-the-field, away from their desk, but needs to place an urgent order by phone.
  • Your client has questions about items in their shopping cart, and wants a helping hand to view what’s in their cart, answer questions, and if necessary edit the contents of the shopping cart.

Is your business losing customers to competitors offering similar goods at comparable prices?

Elevate your client relationships and secure their loyalty with Cloudfy’s best-in-class B2B ecommerce software. Our platform is designed to enhance the ordering experience, making it efficient, error-free, and hassle-free, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and increasing retention rates.

With features like easy ordering through repeat-order templates, Excel upload capabilities, and mobile apps, alongside inventory visibility and personalized experiences, Cloudfy ensures your customers enjoy 24/7 access and expedited delivery options. Opt for Cloudfy and transform your wholesale ordering process into a customer retention powerhouse.

See for yourself how Cloudfy can help you improve your customer experience and keep more of your clients, more long-term. Schedule your free demo today.


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