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Match your unique customer pricing rules, dictated in your ERP, with this best-in-breed ecommerce storefront

Custom B2B Wholesale Pricing

The ability to apply custom pricing rules to your clients’ B2B ecommerce journey is a critical component needed to ensure that your customers’ online experience meets or exceeds that which they would otherwise get through your typical offline purchase order process. To help encourage your clients to adopt online ordering, and increase their self-service habits, it’s imperative that your web platform present your customers their accurate contracted prices, for the correct products, at the correct times.

Most ecommerce softwares do not come with personalized pricing functionality because most solutions are built for B2C. Cloudfy, on the other hand, was built specifically for B2B and contains the most comprehensive custom pricing toolset you will find, developed from over a decade of experience devising complex, wholesale-centric functionality for manufacturers and distributors like you.

Whether you wish to integrate pricing requirements straight from your ERP, or if you prefer to set them up inside your webstore, Cloudfy’s flexible nature will allow for any personalization your business demands.

Maximize Profits with B2B Custom Wholesale Pricing

Easily Adjust As Your Business Grows

As your business grows and your needs change, your Cloudfy webstore gives you turn-key price and discount adjusting functionality that you can toggle to easily apply your rules to different scenarios:

Comprehensive Features & Capabilities​

Your Cloudfy storefront can replicate, and sync with all the elaborate pricing rules you have setup inside your integrated ERP software.

You will have the ability to determine the order in which your webstore applies your various pricing rules.

Currency can be set in the customer record so that it shows in the correct format and value for any given customer.

You will have the ability to setup product prices based on payment method. For example, if you want to add a fee for using a credit card, the price of the product plus the fee will be reflected at checkout.

You will have the ability to include a discount on top of the lowest price available for your customer.

Your team will have the ability to check prices using a calculator tool whereby you input the customer number, the type of currency, and the SKU.

The promotional pricing feature lets you set your start and end dates. When the promo period is over, the system automatically reverts to normal pricing.

Custom B2B Wholesale Pricing Solutions

Discover how your B2B business can benefit from a powerful ecommerce software with best-in-class custom pricing features. Contact us now to schedule your free Cloudfy demo.


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