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Give your clients a truly personalized checkout experience so they can each pay with the method that best suits their needs and your terms.

Enhance B2B Commerce with Custom Payment Methods Feature

Your modern B2B clients expect you to provide them a streamlined purchasing process that includes being able to pay for large orders with the method that suits them best, but of course follows your payment terms and conditions. Wholesale purchases are often complex, and in order to serve your customers well, you need to present different payment methods to different clients. For example, your clients who don’t have an established payment history, or those who don’t have good credit, may need to pay up front until they create a good payment record. On the other hand, you may want to offer “on account” payments to those clients of yours with established payment histories. Still, others might need the ability to pay through their bank or with a credit card.

Whatever the case may be, your Cloudfy store can provide a variety of payment methods to ensure your clients can order the items they need and easily pay their balances and invoices in a timely manner.

By integrating your webstore with your ERP system, your Cloudfy site can make sure each of your customers see only the payment method(s) you designate for them to have access to. Cloudfy also offers the aged debt feature, which gives your clients the ability to pay down their balance before placing a new order.

With Cloudfy’s B2B payment customization solution, you can improve your business’ cash flow as well as your customer satisfaction levels.

Easily Designate Various Payment Methods

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In your Cloudfy settings, you can offer your various clients any of these different payment methods:

Your Cloudfy storefront gives you the ability to offer “on account” payment options at checkout to your clients who have established a credit agreement with you – typically on 30/60/90 day terms. Your Cloudfy webstore will apply the appropriate credit limit, based on what it reads from your connected ERP system. Thanks to the power of the ERP integration, your clients that do pay on account can see their available balance when they’re placing their orders.

Common credit limit types including the following:

  • NONE
    These clients have an established payment record and can spend above their credit limit.
    Your clients may place orders that are above their credit limit, but they receive a notification so that the amount over the limit can be resolved outside the system.
    This method cuts off all ordering above the approved limit.

By integrating your payment gateway of choice, you can securely accept credit card payments online from a variety of merchants. And Cloudfy can work with your existing payment gateways, many of which we already have pre-built integrations for.

Direct bank transfers are conducted through integration with Adyen software so that you can accept payments directly on your site without sending your customers elsewhere. Adyen also accepts credit and debit card payments, giving your clients a variety of ways to pay.

Your business can accept PayPal payments for those clients that prefer this common type of transaction.

If your B2B clients prefer to pay with cash or check, they can select that option during checkout. You will just need to note that the transaction occurred outside Cloudfy to keep your records up to date.

In the UK, a Bacs payment is one of the most common bank-to-bank transfers. You can offer your clients the option to pay with Bacs. Like cash or check, you will just need to note that the transaction occurred outside Cloudfy to keep your records up to date.

Discover how Cloudfy’s payment customization feature can help your business grow and meet the demands of your clientele. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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